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Hydrojet Inc. Now Providing Five Axis Machining


Reading, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Hydrojet Inc. offers customers unique advantages in machining capabilities through waterjet technology. Waterjets have been used for decades and have become increasingly beneficial for customers in need of precise cuts without worrying about sharp temperature changes. Furthermore, waterjet cutting has proven to be an effective method in cutting costs by reducing the amount of wasted materials. Regardless of the industry or material, waterjet cutting has become a demonstrated and proven method for cutting a variety of materials. Technology is constantly evolving and the capabilities of waterjet cutting continue to impress machinists and industry professionals. Now, Hydrojet Inc. is offering the newest wave of waterjet cutting technology, five axis waterjet cutting.

Waterjet cutting is an extremely versatile method of cutting for several reasons. Waterjets can be used to cut very thick materials due to precise concentration of power. Furthermore, waterjets can be used to cut virtually every material without worrying about the potential harms of heat caused from other cutting methods. Materials like rubber or foam may require waterjet cutting, due to their vulnerability to high temperatures. As if waterjet cutting wasn’t versatile already, the capabilities of five axis routers and five axis machining have provided even more advancement in the field.

Hydrojet run’s their operations out of a new facility in Reading, PA. The facility is over 40,000 square feet and is now equipped with HAAS five axis horiziontal machining and FLOW five axis routers. Traditionally, waterjet machining was conducted through a three axis system. Most people are familiar with X, Y, and Z axis. However, in an effort to create more dynamic shapes and cuts, a five axis system incorporates two more axiss. Any customer who may be curious about the capabilities of five axis cutting should call Hydrojet Inc.

About Hydrojet, Inc.
Hydrojet, Inc. has become a strong leader in the waterjet cutting and precision machining industry. Their main goals are to provide clients with the utmost precise and excellent service that has made their business a success to this day. The state of the art facility that withholds all of their most advanced equipment and technology is located northwest of Philadelphia. This is where the professionals at Hydrojet are dedicated to offering the best most accurate products that surpass all expectations.

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