Hydrojet Is Now Offering Superior Precision Machinery Services


Reading, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- Hydrojet now offers superior precision machinery services at the lowest costs possible. Hydrojet Inc. is a leader in the waterjet cutting, precision machining, CNC milling and tooling design industry. Hydrojet is experienced with the development and production of parts, components and prototypes for the many industries including military, electronics, industrial, medical and power generations.

Advanced 5 axis composite machining centers, routers and waterjets allows Hydrojet to produce complex components, providing cost saving efficiency to their clients. 5 axis machining allows precision machining and drilling of all sides of a component with one setup and one fixture. This allows clients to save money on complex contour and shape machining.

Dynamic WaterJet with Active Tolerance Control produces parts with more accuracy and higher cutting feeds than traditional waterjet technology. This system uses an articulating wrist which adjusts the angle of the cutting head to provide a perpendicular edge on the part. Without the issues associated with waterjet taper, parts can produce net on the waterjet or reduce later machining operations.

About Hydrojet
At Hydrojet, quality, service and value are the principles they founded their business on and remain dedicated to today. Their state of the art precision machining and waterjet cutting facility is located in eastern Pennsylvania, northwest of Philadelphia. Hydrojet Inc. is firmly committed to the goals of providing products and services that meet or exceed expectations for price, delivery schedule and quality.

For more information, visit http://www.hydrojet.com/.