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Hydronic Heating - Clean Solutions for People with Lung Disorders


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- Supreme Hydronics director, Damien Maxwell, announced that he’s available to discuss the advantages of hydronic heating and he’s offering no-obligation quotes on the economical form of heating. Hydronic heating offers consumers a safe means of warming structures that’s beneficial for individuals with breathing difficulties.

“A hydronic heating system is suitable for new and existing homes,” said Maxwell. “Nothing compares to the warmth and luxury of a home heated with hydronics.”

People with asthma, COPD and other lung-related conditions will breathe easier with a hydronic system. No furnace fans are used, eliminating air-borne allergens for a cleaner and more hygienic environment. The high-performance systems offer quiet operation and few maintenance requirements.

Hydronic heating systems offer consumers a unique alternative to traditional forced air furnaces that can actually exacerbate heat loss in homes. The warmth of a forced air furnace is often pushed through even the smallest of openings to the outdoors, resulting in accelerated heat loss and increased costs.

A hydronic heating system contains four parts. A boiler heats the water and Rehau pipes are used to carry the warmed water under the floor where the heat is dispersed into the room. A pump is used to circulate the water throughout the system, and radiator panels can be added to the system for added efficiency and savings.

Hydronic heating is often referred to as slab heating, as the Rehau pipes are placed under the floor next to the foundation. The systems can be installed easily in new construction projects. Existing homes and businesses can be retro-fitted to take advantage of the technologically advanced systems.

Modern radiator panels that complement any décor can be installed to aid in heat dispersal. They remain cool to the touch and are safe for the elderly, children and pets. Heated towel racks are available that provide warm towels on demand. The racks help mitigate moisture that accumulates in bathrooms and works to preserve structure interiors.

Heat levels are maintained through a central thermostat and consumers have the option of installing thermostats in other rooms to create specialized heating zones. Controls can be operated manually, automatically and with smartphone applications. High-tech monitoring systems are an option that sense heat loss and automatically provide heating appropriate to its settings.

Water can be warmed by multiple methods, including LPG, natural gas, heat pumps and solid fuels. The systems increase heating efficiency by up to 90 percent. A variety of financial incentives and rebates are available for businesses and homeowners that install a hydronic system.

The consultations and no-obligation quotes offered by Maxwell provide individuals with essential information needed to make an informed decision about the healthy, eco-friendly method of heating. Hydronic heating offers a safe, quiet and cost-effective way of warming structures of all types.

The firm can be reached by phone at 0449 883 849. For more information, visit Supreme Hydronics online.

Damien Maxwell
Supreme Hydronics
Phone: 0449 883 849