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Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2015 -- A recent report by the Daily Mail has highlighted the significant role hydroponic cultivation is playing in the UK's fruit and vegetable growth for commercial use. With an expected 75,000 tonnes of British-grown strawberries expected to be purchased just over the course of summer – it is anticipated that hydroponics will be an essential method underlying such a significant crop. The hydroponic technique is the growing of plants with water and mineral cultures, rather than soil. In these controlled conditions, yields can increase significantly and the process is recognized as highly efficient as well as sustainable. Many of the strawberries grown in the UK are incorporated into large grass greenhouses, with hydroponics enabling them to grow downwards from a height, enabling easy picking.

It is not only strawberries which benefit from hydroponics either. With three more of these hydroponic mass greenhouses expected to be built in the next year, the process is already estimated to provide approximately 225 million tomatoes, 13 million cucumbers and 16 million peppers every year. In turn, it could be seen as a method in which there is significant interest in expanding further.

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One Stop Grow Shop is a prime example of a provider of a range of hydroponics equipment, including complete kits and nutrients – allowing people to embrace the process at home. They are also frequent commentators in industry news and were quick to reflect on the released figures.

"The figures highlight that hydroponics is an efficient method responsible for a significant amount of our fruit and vegetable output" A spokesperson said " We believe this is brilliant – as it is a method which allows people to grow and buy British, improving sustainability and reduces the need to rely on foreign imports. The ability to provide plants with the optimum conditions for growth, all year round, means that this form of fruit and vegetable growing will not be limited by weather or season either. In turn, it could be considered constructive that this is a process to continue. After all, hydroponics is a highly efficient method, the nutrients can be adapted according to conditions and it is a highly clean way of promoting massive yields in regards to fruit, vegetables and plants. We would urge all those who want to find out more, to visit our website. It is a great time to get involved.

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