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Hyper Cube Releases Revised Edition of Web Redesign Success

Free e-book provides comprehensive introduction to principles of effective web design


Hamilton, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2014 -- Web design specialist Hyper Cube announced the release of a newly revised version of its e-book Web Redesign Success. Available free of charge, the book focuses on the principles behind effective website design and is aimed at businesses looking to upgrade their web presences. A product of the firm's extensive experience with creating valuable, influential web sites for its clients, it details the company's philosophies and findings.

"There are plenty of web design firms in New Zealand that can put together a pretty landing page," company representative Aaron Enright said, "but far fewer deliver sites that are truly effective at turning visitors into customers. Our e-book teaches others how this can be done." A full-service web design company, Hyper Cube stresses the importance of graphic design and layout, quality copywriting, and finely tuned search engine optimization. In the absence of even one of these three pillars of effective web design, members of the firm maintain, sites can fall far short of reaching their real potential.

Toward this end, Hyper Cube employs experts in each of these domains and utilizes some of each on every fresh project. Rather than working independently or in tension with one another, these specialists seek to endow projects with the benefits of their expertise in organic, interdependent ways. The new edition of Web Redesign Success shows how these principles can be applied to existing web sites so as to transform them into far more effective marketing tools.

"We've always maintained that a big part of our job is equipping our clients with knowledge about effective web design," Enright expanded, "because in doing so we enable them to help us produce even better, more productive sites. Web Redesign Success is an important part of this effort." Designed to be accessible to business owners and others with little or no background in web design, the e-book details a step-by-step process which begins with the establishing of realistic, worthwhile goals and proceeds from there. Along the way, it conveys the most fundamental principles of effective web design, with a focus on those which are of particular interest to businesses looking to grow their customer bases.

"Even those who are satisfied with their current web sites can benefit from reading our e-book," Enright concluded, "as it can help to expose potential that had not previously been obvious." Available for download from the company's website, Web Redesign Success has been revised to reflect contemporary conclusions about web design effectiveness, including sections on site responsiveness, modern search engine optimization and other timely topics.

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One of New Zealand's premier web design firms, Hyper Cube provides services ranging from ground-up site creation to specialized consulting and redesign projects. Its unbending focus on effectiveness has produced striking results for a wide range of clients, from local businesses to multinational concerns.