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Hypnobirthing Atlanta Announces New Classes for Atlanta, GA Expectant Moms


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2016 -- The classes are scheduled to take place at the Marietta Center for Yoga and Wellbeing, located at 317 Alexander Street Marietta, GA 30060 with other class locations in Roswell and metro Atlanta coming soon.

The hypnobirthing Atlanta classes are posted on the website:, with the next class series beginning Sunday, February 21st.

"The aim of hypnobirthing classes is to help expectant parents living in the Georgian region learn this proven method to bring a more positive and comfortable experience to their birthing," said Andrea Preisler, a leading HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and Clinical Hypnotist operating HypnoBithing Classes in Atlanta GA.

"Expectant couples are educating themselves on the birth process more now than ever. With the increasing desire for vaginal, un-medicated births there are more natural birth options available in the US and local GA residents now have access to hospitals in the area that even allow water births.   A trained hypnobirthing educator can help couples achieve their natural birth preferences by the use of hypnobirthing techniques," noted Andrea, who is primarily targeting expectant couples living in Marietta, Roswell, and Atlanta regions for hypnobirthing classes.

Persons interested in private classes, are asked to either call or email for class scheduling.

"Private classes are especially popular for couples that have other small children at home and are done in your home based on your schedule," said Andrea, who includes weeknights and weekend days for these classes.

About Hypnobirthing
Hypnobirthing is The Mongan Method, created by Marie "Mickey" Mongan, M.Ed., a highly awarded hypnotherapist and Harvard University Ford Foundation fellow, this gentle view of childbirth takes the stance that both mom and baby's bodies were made to do this, and they work together in harmony. Through practiced deep breathing, visualization, prompts from their partners and labor comfort measures, mothers can train their brain to elicit a deep relaxation response on demand.  While most hypnobirthing couples achieve completely un-medicated births, couples with special circumstances or scheduled cesareans can benefit from the comfort of hypnobirthing techniques as well.

About Andrea
Andrea Preisler is a leading HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and Clinical Hypnotist operating in Atlanta GA. She believes that we are all born with the natural abilities to help ourselves but sometimes we need help to simply remember how to do that.  She feels that as we learn to help ourselves relax, more comfortable labors and births will become the new norm and birthing and living this way will one day create a more peaceful world to enjoy our families in.  She is currently pursuing her Masters in Mental Health Counseling and upon graduation will add licensed mental health counselor to her list of credentials.

Andrea Preisler