Hypnosis to Stop Smoking - A Breakthrough in Hypnosis Smoking Cessation? Free Appraisal Downloads Available


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- Using hypnosis to stop smoking has always had its Advocates and critics. Nevertheless, this latest hypnosis to stop smoking recording by Steven Luzern may well represent a breakthrough in the success rate of smoking cessation through the use of hypnosis.

When asked about its success rate, Christine MacDonald of The Miracle of Self-Healing publishing company stated, “Early indications suggest this recording could assist even the most hardened of chain smokers to quit.” She went on to say, “We are making a large number of copies available through the author’s website for free, so we can ascertain a likely success rate when this hypnosis to stop smoking recording goes on sale later this year.

‘How to Stop Smoking without Even Noticing’ is the title of this innovative recording. This hypnosis recording employs a progressive reduction withdrawal technique that simultaneously reduces the smoker’s need for nicotine and their habits associated with smoking. It has been devised so the user relaxes to it just once a day, and in doing so, they are gently weaned off their smoking dependency without even noticing.

Steven Luzern, author and presenter of this smoking cessation recording, has been making professional hypnosis recordings for over 25 years. When asked why this recording is so effective he replied, “It’s like a street fighter. By that I mean it gets in there straight away, fights the battle and gets out.   There’s nothing superfluous about this hypnosis recording. Plus is draws upon my many years of experience as a hypnoanalyst and recording broadcaster.”

When released later this year ‘How to Stop Smoking without Even Noticing’ promises to be a true winner for those who try to stop smoking, but keep failing. The idea of hypnosis for some people can be somewhat daunting, so this recording utilises conscious hypnosis. This way the smoker remains consciously aware throughout the entirety of the recording, thus eliminating the popular misconceptions associated with hypnosis and loss of control.

For those interested in obtaining a free pre-release copy of this hypnosis to stop smoking mp3 a full download can be obtained by visiting the author’s website and completing a brief form, upon which a download becomes immediately available.

About Steven Luzern Hypnotherapist
Steven Luzern has been producing self-hypnosis recordings since 1988 and in private practice as an analytical-therapist using hypnosis for over 25 years. Additionally, he's been hypnotising people for over 40 years. His last hypnotherapy practice was in the United Kingdom’s centre for renowned medical excellence - Harley Street, London.

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