Hypnotherapist Gives Away Millions - The Most Generous Hypnotherapist in History


Lancashire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- UK's top Clinical Hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes of HypnoBusters website has every right to be proud of his generosity. He claims to have given away over $30 million dollars worth of free hypnotherapy all across the internet, and these claim do stand up.

Checking out his hypnosis YouTube channel, Jon has received a very impressive 2.5 million views of his free hypnotherapy audio sessions.

“I sell downloadable sessions of a similar quality on my HypnoBusters site for $10 each, so that would equate to $25 million worth of therapy”. Jon commented from his Lancashire UK office.

“I also give away free audio sessions on my site called Free Hypnosis Treatment. I must have given away in total around £30 million worth of therapy across the globe”.

So why is Jon so generous with his work?

“I know how powerful and helpful hypnotherapy can be. This is just as relevant in audio format as long as care is taken in the production. I receive really moving emails all the time from people thanking me for my help. Many people either struggle to afford or have limited access to a clinical hypnotherapist. Many of my downloadable sessions are available for free all across the world to anyone who wants to listen to them.”

About Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy has in recent times exploded in popularity, and this is probably down to Jon and other hypnotherapists having a high profile over the internet. Some hypnotherapists also offer live therapy sessions across the internet through mediums such as Skype. This has greatly increased the reach of hypnotherapy.

Most people are aware that hypnotherapy can help with weight loss, smoking and phobias, but it can do so much more. Hypnotherapy can treat for almost anything, such as nail biting, warts, confidence, memory, and snoring. You can even experience a past life regression and smooth your skin with a hypnotic botox procedure.

Downloadable hypnotherapy audio sessions are rapidly increasing in popularity. They fit the modern culture of rapid and efficient service. They can be bought, downloaded and in use within 5 minutes. Hiring a hypnotherapist would usually take several days to set up. These sessions can be downloaded on your phone, iPod, tablet and the like, and listened to at any time, and anywhere. They also strip back the costs associated with producing a physical product, and postage and packaging, which is also better for the environment.

So if you have a problem, then online hypnosis may be able to solve it. We are living in a technological revolution, and the hypnotherapy industry is responding. People are now more aware and more able to benefit from the therapeutic powers of hypnosis, regardless of budget and location.

Contact Details

Name: Jake Rhodes
Address: 3 Edmund Street, Darwen, Lancashire. UK.