Component Supply Company

Component Supply Company Remains Unique in Certified and Traceable Supplies


Fort Meade, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- As indicators for manufacturing continue a slow and long overdue uptick, Component Supply Company stands braced to supply each sector of commerce as they reconstitute and expand, including the medical, aerospace, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, mining and agricultural industries. One of the cores of Component Supply’s business are the small quantity sales of certified and lot traceable materials and components -- an aspect that is often unique in the small parts and materials industries.

In addition to certified materials, Component Supply Company also specializes in the custom cutting and fabrication of stainless steel hypodermic tubing and small diameter wire. They are also known for supplying standard and custom cut lengths of plastic and rubber tubing to their customers. Some of their many products include: nylon mesh screens; blunt needles; heat shrink tubing; miniature fasteners; barbed fittings; and hose clamps. The company also supplies a variety of plastic tubing products, heat shrink tubing, engineered specialty tubing and telescoping brass & aluminum tubing. They are the master distributors for many of their old product lines, from their beginnings as Small Parts, Inc., and provide specialty fasteners, blunt needles and many of the other specialized parts they have dealt with over the years.

Regardless if your parts are certified, Component Supply Company’s products make sure that business keeps moving forward. From filtered drinking water to UAV drones, Component Supply Company is the R&D Hardware store and much, much more. Customers can visit them at

About Component Supply Company
Component Supply Company originated from Small Parts, Inc., a unique business originally located in Miami Lakes, FL. Small Parts was originally founded by Dr. William P. Murphy in 1962 to supply his colleagues in the emerging bio-mechanical and bio-medical industries. Small Parts was sold in 2006, and in 2009, the former management team of Small Parts decided to get back into the custom parts business, which Small Parts had discontinued. From their initial start-up, they have been enthusiastically welcomed back by many of their old customers and are again supplying many of the products that were so important to them. To learn more, customers can write or phone 863-738-0084.