Hypotec Lending Helps People Get PreApproved for a Loan Within 48 Hours


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- Hypotec Lending is now helping any interested individual to get preapproved for a new home loan within 48 hours or they could also refinance a present loan offering on the lowest rates available today. The company is also now offering VA IRRRL Loans for the benefit of everyone.

Hypotec Lending is a mortgage brokerage company that has served mortgages for over 10 Years. Hypotec Lending staffs the most qualified and the best personnel found in the industry. Their goal is to make people a part of their family. They work in diligently in order to help people improve their financial stability and help them live a better life.

Those people who want to know where they can get preapproved in the quickest reasonable timeframe and want lower refinance rates can now rely on Hypotec Lending. The company is now offering the IRRRL Loans or IRRRL or Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan which is a VA guaranteed loan that is primarily made in order to refinance the present VA guaranteed loan, usually on the lower rate of interest and with lower interest and principal payments as compared to the existing VA loan.

IRRRLs are the right streamline product and for this reason, only the present VA loans are eligible. This is available on thirty or fifty fixed rate and 5/1 ARM. These IRRRLs don’t require income verification. However, they require a two year employment history on the 1003. For this, Home Bridge will be the one to verbally verify the employment. Also, IRRRLs don’t require asset verification yet when the funds of the borrower are required to close then asset verification is needed. They have no ratios, no monthly MI, and no DU since IRRRLs are manual underwrites and don’t run through DU. Their funding fee is about half a percent.

IRRRL should replace the present VA loan being the initial lien on similar property. Any second holder of the lien will be requested to subordinate to the first holder of lien. There are no liens aside from the present VA loan that could be paid from the proceeds of IRRRL.

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