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Hyundai Construction Equipment R35Z-9 - An Innovative Heavy Haul Tool of Tomorrow

Hyundai Construction Equipment recently launched the R35Z-9 machine helping contractors in Alberta, Canada increase their profitability with its notable features.


Spruce Grove, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- Hyundai Construction Equipment launched its newest hydraulic system for finer touches and high caliber controllability – the R35Z-9 which is ideal for rigid, restricted job sites like those in the metropolitan and residential settings including the sensitive lands.

R35Z-9 is capable of having a responsive and precise excavator as it operates in jam-packed areas. It helps improve operations with its optimized matching joystick and chief control device. This device is also energy-saving with its arm flow summation system decreasing cavitation while improving the speed. It has an integrated boom holding system for safety purposes.

Weighing a total of 8,050 lbs (or 3,650 kg operating weight), R35Z-9 is motorized by a reliable, fuel-efficient efficient 26.5 hp (19.8 kW) Tier 4 Certified Yanmar 3TNV88 engine. The R35Z-9 boasts a dig depth of 10’4” (3,150 mm) a bucket digging force of 7,050 lbf (31.4 kN) and bucket capacity of 3.78 cubic feet (.107 cubic meters). The R35Z-9 offers a tail-swing radius of 2’10” (870 mm), allowing for efficient operation on sites where space is limited.

Notable Features of the R35Z-9 Mini Excavator Range:

- Maintenance is but easy and simple. The machine has several selections of gauges and indicators that can be seen on its monitor helping the machine operator be aware of its performance throughout its operation. Water temperature estimation, fuel gauge and hour meter can be monitored on the machine’s screen.

- Control system is efficient. Machine operators need not to worry about comfort and productivity with the machine’s control devices all conveniently located. To prevent exiting the cabin while hydraulic controls are powered-on, there is a safety level on the left-side of its console.

- Operations are faster with the advanced hydraulic system’s excellent control capabilities and precise design.

- Ergonomically-designed cabin with better visibility and lessened sound levels making it more comfortable for operators.

- Canopy and cabin style frames both passed TOPS, ROPS, and FOPS international standards for operators’ protection.

- The machine has a heavy duty capability of the higher frame for absorption of high stress load. It is also designed to have an X-leg center frame and strengthened box section track frame for outstanding strength to endure tough working conditions.

With the use of a heavy haul machine like the R35Z-9, contractors in Alberta, Canada, specifically, has increased their profitability as they gain more return on investment with this kind of innovation.

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