"I Ain't No Sex Toy" an International Music Video Based on Women Liberation by Gurooji Movies


Nagpur, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2014 -- In today’s vulnerable times where on one hand women liberation laws and acts are being enforced to ensure safety and security to women, an another truth that is standing parallel is that every year there is an increase in rapes molestation and sexual harassments. But there are some positive forces in society that are trying hard to stop this cruelty in their very own way. Such an honest effort had been done by GUROOJI MOVIES, a budding film production house situated in heart of India, Nagpur.

“Whenever I see news about Rapes and sexual harassment to women happening in any part of the word, I feel really bad and angry same time” says the young Music Director Vinay Mojes “’Where on one hand we are like making huge developments in technological terms, are we losing our moral science as a repayment to this progress’ is a thought that always makes me uneasy” Vinay continues.

With similar thoughts the Creative Producer of Gurooji Movies, Mr. Ramesh Iyer says “As a representative of a medium which has its vast coverage all over the world, It is our responsibility to take some serious action against this inhuman activities happening around”.

“I ain’t no sex toy” a music video Directed by young and talented SandeepThakre, is an honest effort by the team Gurooji movies to pull down these evil forces and negative energies, harming humanity. With the help of international DOP Avikal Dixit and VFX and Post-Production Executive Akash Jumde, Gurooji Movies have successfully produced a music video that not only conveys the message of “to bring an end to injustice and inhuman activities” but also is technically and visually excellent.

Bravo to Anchal Kothari, a professional model,to portray the bold and challenging role of the suppressed women, she has given her full support and gave her best shot to bring the character to life. Last but not the least, the hard hitting graphics to support video which are aptly created by the talented international artist Atul Panase are noteworthy and deserve a special mention.

Released on which is the official YouTube channel of Gurooji movies, “I ain’t no Sex Toy” is a product that surely is going to bring the change in the society we are expecting.

Link to the video:

About Gurooji movies
Gurooji movies is a movie production company based in Nagpur India, our primary focus is to promote local talents from Nagpur. This is a two year old company, in these two years we had made one full length feature film, 4 short movies, 6 music videos, 9 episodes of standup comedy series. With this platform of Gurooji movies we have already promoted more than 50 talents, be it actors, directors, editors, music directors, singers, dancers, lyricist. Though our primary focus is to promote local talents but not limited to that we have produced a music video for a performer from Dubai UAE and also produced a short movie for a group from Cochin India. Gurooji movies is headed by Ramesh Iyer and Rahul Mishra.

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