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I Am Who I Am: Enthralling New Children's Books Fosters Self-Esteem, Confidence & Contentment with One's Self

Written by Millicent Robinson, ‘I Am Who I Am: No One Can Change Who I Am’ fuses a compelling story with stunning illustrations to teach children that, while the world around them is always changing, they already have everything they need to move with it and prosper with gusto. Karee, a small duckling, is about to teach thousands of children that nobody can change how special and beautiful they are.


Brampton, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- Nobody can deny that the world is always changing, a concept that not only confuses many children, but leads them into the false belief that they too have to change in order to fit in. However, a compelling new children’s book by Canada’s Millicent Robinson teaches young readers that they are already enough, and nobody can change how unique and special they are.

Everything is showcased in ‘I Am Who I Am: No One Can Change Who I Am’; a whimsical story with serious undertones that can work wonders for children confused about how they fit into the wider world.


Karee, a small duckling, cries to her mother one day, wishing that she could be like a bumblebee. Mom explains to Karee that she is a beautiful duck and that she is who she is – and that no one can ever change her identity. Karee is cheered up considerably by this news.

She later meets Cathy, a dancing cow; Goofy, a piglet with a funny laugh; and Sam, a mailman, and tells each of them that she is who she is and that no one can ever change that fact. When she comes upon a circus, she wishes for long, red hair like the clown. Karee soon changes her mind upon thinking back to her new lesson: she is who she is and no one can ever change that fact.

“Of course, children’s attitudes and ways will change as they grow up, but nobody can change the very core of their character,” explains Robinson. “It’s something many children feel pressured into doing, which in turn lowers their self-esteem and confidence. I want to show them that they don’t have to change and nobody around them can affect this.”

Continuing, “I am grabbing their attention with a short amount of text, bold illustrations and colours that will send young minds soaring. This book has a serious message, but nobody likes being preached to. I’m approaching it in a way that is both fun and engaging.”

Robinson believes that every house and school should contain a copy of her book.

“The sky really is the limit in terms of who this message and story can reach. It’s a vital message seldom addressed during a child’s development. Therefore, I urge all to purchase a copy and give today’s younger generation an investment in their future,” she adds.

‘I Am Who I Am: No One Can Change Who I Am’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1nRJn6U.

About Millicent Robinson
Millicent(Plummer)Robinson has a passion for children and loves to interact with children of all ages. As a mother of three, she works independently and creatively to keep their minds active as they grow so that reading and literacy can be instilled in them.

Millicent is also the author of The Journeys of Faith, Hope and Trust and Behind the Veil of the Temple.