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I Asked the Animals: Whimsical New Children's Picture Book Follows Young Boy's Curious Conversations with Animals.

Boasting an enthralling children’s narrative, Eric C Corsten’s upcoming release whisks young readers and their parents into an enchanting world where animals talk back. Crammed with quirk and quip, many will be surprised to learn that the author of ‘I Asked the Animals’ was living rough in a taxi station just one year ago.


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- Every child spends dozens of happy hours in their formative years talking to animals. In an entertaining and engaging new book by Oregon’s Eric C Corsten, children are invited to enter a world where the animals talk back.

‘I Asked the Animals’ follows one curious boy as his questions are answered in a way he’d never imagined.


Here is the first offering from Eric C. Corsten.

This is a wonderful children's picture book about a curious boy who explores the countryside asking questions to different animals (To his surprise) they answer him. Illustrations By Rayah Jaymes.

This book is great for any collector and is for all ages.

As the author explains, the book is a true literary spectacle.

“The narrative comes to light through a series of stunning illustrations by Rayah Jaymes. It displays expert skill with its masterfully-crafted rhyme and diction,” says Corsten.

Continuing, “It will certainly encourage young minds to be creative and will touch the hearts of all who read it - even if they think they have lost their youth.”

Perhaps even more amazing is the personal back story of Corsten.

“This book is a miracle really. Just one year ago I was living at a taxi station in a back room covered in dirt and mold. After meeting a Catholic missionary who took me in and gave me shelter and peace of mind, I went on to write over 100 children's stories and poems!” he adds.

After posting his work on Fanstory.com and garnering exceptional reviews from his peers, Corsten developed the confidence he required to release his first book. With plans to release his entire bibliography within the next few years, the author is being hailed as a dramatic new force in the literary world.

In the meantime, ‘I Asked the Animals’, published by Eric Da Goose Publishing, is due for release on August 1st: http://amzn.to/13hxU1p

More information can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Iaskedtheanimals

About Eric Charles Corsten
Eric Charles Corsten (born March,24 1970) is an American poet and children's book author. For many years Eric has been accumulating stories and poems based on his life's travels. From N.Y.C. to Northern California - from street musician to cab driver and many points in-between. These are the places and experiences that spark and feed the imagination in his mind. Eric Da Goose plans on publishing all of his work starting 7/19/2013 with (I Asked The Animals).