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I Can Hear Your Face: Life-Changing New Book Provides 'Pathway' to Helping Others. God Is Never Too Late!

Written by Joan L. Brumble and candidly exposing many of her own darkest moments of despair, ‘I Can Hear Your Face’ proves to readers that God will reach out and speak to them when they need him the most. Brumble’s powerful ‘ICHYF Concept’ is also poised to help readers discern when those around them require urgent care and attention to faith.


Dallas, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- While everyone faces adversity, those driven close to suicide require a powerful and loving Savior, Jesus Christ, to step in and prevent the worst. Even though the despair and hopelessness of the moment clouded author Joan L. Brumble’s judgment, her near-suicide was rapidly halted by the hand and solace of God.

Wanting to help others in a desperate crisis, Brumble has collaborated with her faith itself to produce a book and powerful new concept that can become a pathway to anyone willing to accept it as coming from God. ‘I Can Hear Your Face: A Pathway to Helping Others’ is God’s revelations in helping the desperate in their life’s tumultuous journey and written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, without which the book would never have been written.

Back-cover synopsis:
At the time when God revealed to me that he wanted me to write a book, I fully didn’t understand it then but that he intended to appeal to every emotion known to man. We are the only creation of God’s with the aptitude of deciphering our emotions and then God enabling us to share our emotions or experiences with others.

It wasn’t easygoing for me to share some of the emotional upheaval of my life with my readers but as I was reminded by God over and over again that it would be his inspired word that he would use to help others who are hurting and that he would have me write with compassion and love to comfort them.

You will laugh with me and cry with me. By the time you are finished reading, it is my continual prayer that you will want to rely on the same heavenly Father I leaned on to see me through many crisis in my life. Even before I knew him as my Savior, unknowing to me, he was protecting me from the evil of the world that was destroying my life. He wants to do the same for you.

Remember, when you’ve been through the fire he will teach you the ICHYF concept to enable you to discern when people need you to come alongside them. God will bless and honor you for your commitment. This is his activity and he wants to use you in it. He’s not looking for the person of perfection, that will never happen, but he does seek out those who are willing to be his servant.

I have also provided you with thirty-one days of devotionals. I know you are hurting and I can testify to the truth of his promises, so hang in there…..Let us begin our journey in……… I Can Hear Your Face……..ICHYF.

As the author explains, her book is the perfect resource for those unable or unwilling to practice faith in an active setting.

“Millions of people around the world require immediate help but, due to choice or circumstance, the last thing they’d ever do is open a church door. My book allows them to absorb what they need in a comfortable and private setting – wherever that may be. It will give them what they have longed to hear for a very long time and prayerfully with the help of the Holy Spirit they will want to open the church door and find love.” says Brumble.

Continuing, “I was once in that exact position – but things are now very different. I’m simply the purveyor of this powerful book. The content itself was written by God and he was in control; my only job was to put pen to paper. The result is life-changing.”

Early reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly-positive. For example, one reader commented, “Using your own life experiences along with scripture to show others how they too can walk with God and help others is a great way to connect with readers and help them along their spiritual and life journeys. Your writing is engaging and personal in a way that makes reading the book feel like talking to a trusted friend. Congratulations on your achievement.”

‘I Can Hear Your Face: A Pathway to Helping Others’ is due for imminent release and will be available from AuthorHouse, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other major global retailers.

About Joan L. Brumble
I am a happily married retired accountant. Much happiness comes from being a grandmother and a great-grandmother. I enjoy walks on the beach, exploring new adventures with my husband and friends and studying God’s word and journalizing. This will continue to be my lifeline.