I-Enquire Seeks €150,000 in Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Change Mobile App Development Forever

Groundbreaking technology makes it easy non-technical people to build iPhone & Android apps.


Dublin, Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- Working with the European Space Agency, Barry O’Reilly and his team have developed technology for satellite communications and to date have successfully deployed these developments on the W2A system and the SeS Astra constellations in Europe.

Their crowdfunding campaign is an extension of the technology they successfully developed for the European Space Agency and is now available to the world at large allowing anyone to create a mobile app faster than ever before with none of the technical barriers that held people back before. Simply put, they want to release to the marketplace a technology that allows non-technical people to build and deploy apps to the iPhone and Android app stores while eliminating all of the barriers to entry that existed…. until now.

While there are tools in the marketplace that offer users the ability to develop and deploy apps to the app stores, they don’t deliver the same kind of ease-of-use. The content creator by i-enquire stands apart from these tools because the user doesn’t need any sort of technical background or expertise to create a mobile app. Their cutting edge Content Creator Platform (CCP) allows anyone to develop an app from concept to creation to public availability in record time.

The magnitude of this crowdfunding project should be easy for any entrepreneur to appreciate. Sufficient funding will enable the technology to be delivered to the world stage where any business of any size – from a small bakery in town to a restaurant or even a car wash – to create their own mobile app without the usual time and expense to first find a mobile app development team, then manage and direct them to complete the app followed by extensive testing only to pay them hundreds or even thousands of dollars days or more likely weeks later. This is a technology that can change the world of mobile app development and deployment. They’re leveling the playing field in mobile application development by providing a technology where the small guy can win and win big while saving a lot of time and a substantial amount of money.

Crowdfunding is sought so as to enable i-enquire to deploy the cloud servers needed to host their app-building technology in a data center as well as development laptops and iMac machines for the final testing and validation of the technology to insure delivery of all the apps created. Funding will also enable the team to hire development engineers and marketing personnel to ensure crowdfunding backers enjoy full delivery of the perks they’re entitled in the committed time frame paving the way for a worldwide rollout.

The campaign offers no risk to the user because all of their perks will be honored by i-enquire at the end of the campaign.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on December 16, 2014.

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About i-enquire
i-enquire is a technology business located in north County Dublin and have been in business for the past three years. To date we have successfully developed technology for the financial services industry and the world of sports as well as the European Space Agency.