I Love the Planet Nonprofit Organization Opens New U.S.-Based Office

I Love the Planet nonprofit organization opens new U.S.-based office. They are committed to promoting existing ecological kite-sail technical solutions through their eco-boat project, identifying and protecting vulnerable marine ecosystems, and planetary energo-ecological environment research.


Casper, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- I Love the Planet, a non-profit organization, is an international initiative with Croatian origins.

They are committed to promoting existing ecological, technical kite-sail solutions through their eco-boat project, which upon completion will go to work to identify and protect vulnerable marine ecosystems and conduct planetary energo-ecological environment research.

In order to implement planet ecology protection measures as effectively and efficiently as possible, I Love the Planet is working on establishing an international network of project partners and offices.

The USA office is registered as a low-profit limited liability company, a legal form of business entity in the United States that was created to bridge the gap between non-profit and for-profit investing by providing a structure that facilitates investments in socially beneficial projects.

"We're hard at work to attract media activities and find private capital support from various sources of wealth in order to serve our charitable goals — especially for our almost-mythical main focus, the “Kiteboat” project", says L.T. Clayton, the U.S. office executive director.

Goran Pinjusic, a Croatian promoter of ecological kite solutions and president of the organization, said, "I have the feeling that this will be an exciting time for us, but we need to educate people on kite technology basics. Today, most people are educated on solar power basics, but kite technology is stronger on every level; however, people are not informed about its powerful potential.

For more organizational information, visit I Love The Planet's main website at or for more details about "The Kiteboat", visit or simply call the new U.S. office to get additional information.

About I Love the Planet L3C
I Love the Planet L3C is an USA-based office for our nonprofit and non-government organization, the I Love the Planet Association. Our social enterprise venture has as a main goal the performing for a socially beneficial purpose, not of maximizing income, and as a final step, 100% of our existing income is donated to the Kiteboat project support and to support worldwide nonprofit offices activities of the I Love the Planet organization.

More details about the “I Love the Planet” nonprofit and nongovernment organization and their mission statement can be found HERE:

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