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I Miss My Dad: Provocative New Children's Book Provides Comfort to Children of Deported Parents

Written from the heart and experiences of Tiffany A. Johnson, ‘I Miss My Dad’ will assist any child who has become a victim of U.S. Immigration laws and now lives thousands of miles from a deported parent. This is exactly the situation Johnson’s son faced, a travesty that marks a silent epidemic for the nation.


Coon Rapids, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- Like millions children, Tiffany A. Johnson’s young son enjoyed a rock-solid and unwavering relationship with his father. Then one day, Immigration officials had his hero-figure back on a plane and deported to his native country.

This left Ms. Johnson with the enormous task of not only comforting her emotionally-shattered son, but having to explain exactly what happened and why. Recognizing that this problem extended beyond her own family, Johnson put the story into a new children’s book so that it can provide solace to those from coast-to-coast.

‘I Miss My Dad’ pulls no punches when depicting the true ferocity of the system U.S. Immigration has put in place. Johnson’s biggest challenge was to find a way to explain it to a much younger audience.

“My Son’s father was a very hard-working man who was ‘sent home’ a decade ago. My son was only three years-old at the time I just couldn’t find a way to explain the situation to him. Putting it into a book allowed me to showcase things in a creative way while allowing my son to explore the truth in a format that would resonate him, and could be done on his own watch. I think we have struck a perfect balance,” explains the author.

Continuing, “Others across America face the same harrowing plight and there is no support system out there for us. In fact, many believe that the families of deportees don’t suffer at all! Of course, that isn’t true, and my book will provide therapy for affected families while raising awareness of the state of U.S. Immigration laws for those who have previously turned a blind eye.”

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘I Miss My Dad’, from MindStir Media, is available now: http://amzn.to/1sBDry9.

About Tiffany A. Johnson
Tiffany A. Johnson is originally from Chicago, but lives in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. She is nurse who enjoys helping others, and is hoping to inspire readers by writing non-fiction stories for all age groups.