I-Ox Crowdfunding Campaign Launched on Kickstarter for I-Ox Smartphone Grip - A New Way of Keeping Mobile Phones Secure

Mobile phones are expensive, and if a person damages their mobile phone or loses their phone and does not have insurance, it can cost them a great deal of money to replace. Thanks to GIC Nexus, Ltd who have designed a unique and one of a kind multifunctional smartphone accessory, losing a mobile phone could become a thing of the past.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- Mobile phone companies and retail outlets around the world are making a fortune each year from mobile phones that are damaged through being dropped or mobile phones that have been lost because they have not been secured properly. Damaged and lost mobile phones have become a big money spinner for mobile phone companies; however, those days could be numbered thanks to GIC Nexus, and the i-Ox Smartphone Grip. GIC Nexus have designed the i-Ox Smartphone Grip, which changes the way people hold their mobile phones, lowering the risk of losing their phone or damaging it.

A recent study found 855,000 mobile phones in the UK were dropped down the toilet because the owner did not have their phone secured properly. 315,000 were left in a Taxi in the UK because the user forgot to pick their mobile phone up. 225,000 mobile phones were also left on the bus because the owner forgot they had left the phone on the seat, and 116,000 were lost at a laundrette because the phone wasn't secured properly. It is not just the UK, which has a serious problem with losing or damaging their phones; in the USA over 17 million iPhones were damaged because the phone wasn't secured. These results that are over a 12 month period show how much the mobile market is making through damaged and lost phones, but it also shows how much money the consumer are having to pay out for replacement phones that can be very expensive.

Thanks to i-Ox Smartphone Grip that changes the way people hold their mobile phone and allow them to keep the phone secure, fewer people will have to spend money on replacement phones or repairs. The I-Ox Smartphone Grip has been called one of the most important gadgets for mobile phones since they were invented. With the money it will save people through reducing the number of phones that are damaged or lost, it is a gadget that needs to be out on the market as soon as possible.

The i-Ox Smartphone Grip, which also doubles up as a table top stand, allowing the user to put the phone on the table and watch television and videos, could be available on the market very soon if they get the support they need through their Kickstarter campaign.

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