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I Want a New Life: Bold New Novel Fuses Motivation & Wit to Expose the Secrets to Creating a 'New Life'. Ladies - Now Is the Time

Melding fact with fiction, award-winning writer Michele Poydence deploys her cherished quips and wisdom to prove to women that it really is possible to create a new life. ‘I Want a New Life’ is the guide; and Poydence is the mentor as readers join three women at pivotal turning points. By watching their transformations unfold with thought-provoking and side-splitting aplomb, readers are empowered to do the same. It’s no wonder rave reviews are flooding in from coast to coast…


Oakmont, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- Whether it is work, dreams, relationships or all combined; almost every woman dreams of a new life in some respect. After turning to inspirational writing when a throat illness quashed her own dreams of becoming a public speaker, Michele Poydence became acutely aware of every woman’s thirst for change. While almost all lack the definitive tools to creating this ‘new life’, Poydence’s new book could just be the catalyst and starting block they have been searching for.

‘I Want a New Life’ is unique in its true fusion of fact and fiction. By depicting the lives of three women also seeking a dramatic new start, Poydence weaves a fun-filled and gripping narrative around a series of very real and compelling life lessons. The title really does say it all; and Poydence means business.


One week to get a new life.
Are all things really possible with God?
Can we have some fun along the way?

Housewife and mom Casey Swanson hears an inner voice for the first time in her life: This is the day. Is this the day she leaves?

Amana Anne Moore gets one last chance to become the inspirational speaker she’s always dreamed of becoming. Is the disarming Jake Sandstone a key to her dreams, and to unlocking her heart to love again?

Eliz “Wild Thing” Wilding loses her job, her fiancée - and almost her life - in a day. Can she turn it around in a week and get a fabulous new life?

“In short – this book delivers laughs and insights into getting a new life,” says Poydence. “Women everywhere live in quiet desperation and are unaware of the fact that getting this new life is perfectly attainable. Not exposing the truth keeps people depressed and feeding into a sort of ‘drugging’ of society. I want to affect change and deliver the keys.”

Continuing, “Everything is divulged with humor, warmth and motivation. The characters are frighteningly real and all women will be able to relate to them. This is vital if I am to deliver the goods; and deliver the goods I am doing.”

Poydence isn’t exaggerating. Since its release, the novel has garnered critical acclaim. For example, one reader comments, "I haven't used my highlighter this much since college! Thank you for making me roll off my chair with laughter while finally learning exactly how to change my life!"

Max was equally as impressed, adding, “Michele Poydence is having too much fun writing this book, which means her readers are in for a great ride. Everyone will see something of herself and see a way to a new life!”

‘I Want a New Life’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1v6m4aS. More information can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IWantANewLife.

About Michele Poydence
Award-winning writer Michele Poydence wrote and produced the inspirational television magazine program, A New Beginning, which has spanned the globe in over 130 countries and U.S. territories. Along with Bill Cosby, Randy Travis and other notables, her television program won the Angel Award for outstanding positive-value entertainment.

She has worked with CBS Television, and with film and tv studios as a writer, producer and director. Michele has produced, directed and written comedic plays through her theater company, We Quit Our Day Jobs. Her feature film, Anything’s Possible, has been optioned by a William Morris Agency director. She resides in Oakmont, Pennsylvania.