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I Was Such a Boob About My Breasts: Humorous Memoir Urges Women to Be Active Participants in Breast Cancer Screening Process.

Written by Julia A. McGuire, this ironic yet hugely-informative memoir depicts the author’s own experiences with Breast Cancer screening, diagnosis and the research she wish she’d conducted many years earlier. Packed with information and inspiration, ‘I Was Such a Boob About my Breasts’ encourages all women to take an active role in the Breast Cancer screening process and always be aware of their true breast health.


New Windsor, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2013 -- In an idea world, Julia A. McGuire wishes there wasn’t a need for her to have written her book. However, after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer five years after the tumor started to grow, McGuire became acutely aware that millions of women are under-informed about their breast health and under-involved in the cancer screening process.

‘I Was Such a Boob About My Breasts: The AHA! Moments That Changed My Breast Cancer Screenings Forever’ uniquely fuses quirk and wit with life-changing advice that could help readers detect breast abnormalities early and avoid the same diagnosis as McGuire.


Save your life! Be an active participant in your next Breast Cancer screening and improve your chances at early Breast Cancer detection. Is an early stage Breast Cancer diagnosis just luck or is there something we can do to improve our chance for early detection during the most important cancer screening of our life? It is a fact that some of the healthiest, physically fit women develop Breast Cancer. We wonder how this is possible, after all, they did everything right, didn't they? We buy all the expert's advice on how to prevent this dreaded disease by eating right, exercising and having routine screenings. Still, too many of us receive a cancer diagnosis after having had a normal mammogram result the previous year. In far too many cases, these cancers have been growing for years.

Any doctor will tell you, the two most important words for every woman diagnosed with Breast Cancer are 'early stage.' Julia believes that all women can improve their chance at early detection by using common sense, asking the right questions and not settling for results that may skim over a growing cancer which, once detected, may result in a late stage diagnosis. Puzzled when she, her cousin, and friend received Breast Cancer diagnoses, and each at a different stage, after all three of them had had normal mammograms the year before, Julia uses her own medical records and screening experiences, personal anecdotes and humor to show women how too many of us just let our Breast Cancer screenings happen to us.

Now is the time for every woman to really use her Breast Cancer screening to her best advantage and come away feeling confident that it was performed properly and competently. Don't let another yearly screening go by without this lifesaving information.

As the author explains, the book is a culmination of all of the literal painstaking experiences and research she tackled without help.

“After getting my diagnosis I realized that I didn’t know my true breast health. The mammogram results that I thought were ‘normal’ were far from it. In fact, they raised red flags and warranted further testing that could have detected the cancer the Breast Cancer two years sooner. After hundreds of hours of fact-checking, I decided to write a book so that other women can avoid being put in my situation. If I can admit that I really didn't get involved in my screenings like I should have and that I didn't know much about my breasts except how they filled out a bra, well, I'll bet the majority of women across the country can relate to me!” says McGuire.

Continuing, “So much emphasis is put on Breast Cancer prevention, but women still die from this disease at rampant rates. I believe that if women focus on their Breast Cancer screening process and really take a few minutes to understand their breast health with their doctors, chances are questions may arise that could lead to an early Breast Cancer diagnosis.”

Critics praise the author for the diligent work she is undertaking in order to change the lives of women everywhere. With Breast Cancer Awareness Month fast approaching, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘I Was Such a Boob About My Breasts: The AHA! Moments That Changed My Breast Cancer Screenings Forever’ is available now: http://amzn.to/13MbIhe

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.booksbyjulia.com/

About Julia A. McGuire, in her own words
I was born in a small town in upstate New York where I lived a pretty unexceptional life until I discovered writing. Well, my life is still pretty unexceptional because I like to leave all the exciting stuff for my books. I think I always wanted to become a writer, but the lack of peace and quiet and alone time growing up with 5 siblings, and afterward raising a large family of my own kept writing at bay. Now I spend as much time as possible writing and, along with my husband, running our small B&B, The Loft at 12 Clara. Life is good!