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I Will Mall Has Launched New SEO Services

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Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2013 -- I Will Mall has just launched new SEO services for those companies who aim to find the best employee per their needs. The website offers hiring managers the opportunity to hire professional SEO consultants and experts, who can provide them with the opportunity to grow their Page Rank in a shorter time by obtaining backlinks on other websites with a greater page or domain authority.

I Will Mall aims to help individuals prepare for being hired full-time, as they only have to post their queries and wait to get hired by large companies or other individuals looking for optimizing their current websites. I Will Mall offers, unlike other freelancing platforms, the possibility to get high revenues from the employers, especially in case of SEO consultancy or backlinks from websites with a Page Rank value of over 6.

“I Will Mall is a professional platform that needed some new fashion added to its current content and services, so SEO seemed the best option to go with at this time. With the fuss around page ranks and other similar stuff, more and more company or website owners are interested in getting a better web presence, and these SEO services will surely correspond to their expectations,” says Douglas Peterson, the founder of I Will Mall.

Even though I Will Mall is based in Singapore, the SEO services offered are available in Malaysia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia as well, so employers can find reliable SEO experts to work with. The overall price of a SEO service start from $1.99, and I Will Mall is currently the largest micro jobs and service market in Asia, providing dozens of jobs and possibilities to employers seeking accurate and trustworthy employees.

“Other websites like Freelancer denigrate Asian people, but I Will Mall was specifically created to offer them the opportunity to get a job or find a good SEO specialist in order to increase their website’s page rank faster. There is no high price around, but only good costs for both employees and employers,” says Warren, the founder of I Will Mall.

Once the employee hits the SEO services page and he registers on the website, he will be able to create a new job through which he will offer his SEO services, of any kind, to a potential buyer. In turn, the buyer can choose one of the employees available, finding an experienced and knowledgeable SEO expert who will be able to provide a good job per his requirements.

About Iwill Mall
Iwill Mall is the largest micro service provider in Singapore. The services include: SEO, web design, writing service, logo design, video marketing, and so on.

Company Address:
141 Cecil Street Singapore 069541