i-Zone-3 Launches Cutting Edge Gaming Technology on Indiegogo

i-Zone-3 Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its interactive 5D Gaming Lazer Blasters on Indiegogo.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2012 -- Indiegogo is a crowd funding website for creative projects and i-Zone-3 is using this platform to generate interest and funding in its ground breaking lazer rifle gaming technology. By becoming an early supporter, consumers can obtain custom limited edition gaming peripherals.

i-Zone-3 has launched its Lazer Blasters to satisfy PC gamers need for laser aim precision game shooting. They are currently in the manufacturing stage, with a prototype currently available. Mr. Robin Hossain, CEO of i-Zone-3, explained, "These gaming rifles are a gamers dream come true, there is nothing comparable on the market, especially when combined with our 5D system."

The main features of the i-Zone-3 Lazer Blaster are:

- Designed to look like authentic futuristic military hardware - a collector’s item;
- Fully functional with all pc shooter games;
- Compatible with a range of screen types: computer monitor, CRT screen, projectors, plasma screen, and large on-wall projections;
- Uses patent pending laser gun aiming technology which no other peripheral offers for a pc game. Specifically allowing you to point the gun directly at a target on a huge projection screen and shoot the target directly. Normally you have to move a mouse so the target is at the center of the screen and then fire; and
- Creates an environment for dynamic situational awareness and high level marksmanship.

About i-Zone-3
i-Zone-3 was formed in 2001 with headquarters currently in Atlanta Georgia. The company specializes in software engineering and information technology and electronic design. In 2011, i-Zone-3 launched an advanced 3D home theater and gaming portfolio, which employs patent pending gameplay methods.

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