i3 International Revolutionizes the Security Video Camera industry by Teaming up With Intel


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for high powered security video camera technology, i3 International is announcing the integration of Intel Xeon 5400 and Intel Core i7 into their camera systems.

According to a recent case study, the use of Intel’s software in security cameras allows more options for security settings as well as more power to collect consumer data for marketing purposes. Vy Hoang, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at i3 International, says that only 1% of the video recorded by stores is being used: “By adding video analytics to security systems we can extract intelligent information and turn video into a decision-making tool.”

In the past, users have been prevented from using in-store footage for sales related data due to the limited processing power of their camera systems. I3 international solves this problem by installing custom-built hardware devices that connect with analogue and IP cameras. Using the power of Intel Core i7 processors for their security camera software, they can now process 32 cameras on analytics as compared to their competitors who can only process 16 without analytics.

What results is a seamless integration of security and user data that prevents theft and optimizes sales all with the same system. Clients can identify high traffic zones and high traffic times and rearrange their store’s layout and top grossing salespeople around the “hot spots” of the store, Hoang says.

“We have shown a major fast food retailer the power of analytics. Our client was able to use video analytics and POS (point of sale) data to increase productivity by 34% and sales by 17% with no impact on customer service.”

Adding to the customization, i3 International can program their cameras to only record when people are in the field of view which drops recording requirements by 60%. “On a 1 terabyte hard drive with Intel processing the analytics, we can transmit 40% more data while recording 40% less than anyone else in the market,” says Hoang.

Intel is one of the leaders in the processing industry and i3 International says their chips’ power will literally double every year. This exponential increase in technology will allow outdoor security cameras to capture higher quality video and indoor security cameras to better allocate the rich data afforded to them by customer analytics. In the end users are left with an airtight system that prevents theft while increasing sales; that is to say, a system that will literally pay for itself.

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