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Internal Audit Connections is a full-service internal audit firm specializing in complete accounting and talent coordination for leading services.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- Many UK Businesses choose to partner with IAC on various levels. The internal audit firm works on traditional British values of honesty and transparency in all its services. Developing and nourishing trusted partnerships with niche businesses is the long-term objective of the service. Introducing a talent-oriented salary survey, the firm assists businesses in hiring and retaining staffs at appropriate remuneration. The services of IAC commence in advance of salary survey of existing employees, helping companies to find the best talents attending diverse job responsibilities.

Finding the exact talent at the right position ascribes several responsibilities. UK businesses looking with a microscope to find the best people can immensely benefit from the services o f IAC. Right from job description drafting to arranging interview suites, the service takes the load off HR managers in selecting the ideal candidates. When contacted by this correspondent, a spokesperson from the company was clear in elaborating how it assists services with the interview process.

“We begin with a relative evaluation of the vacant designation in terms of current market standards. We analyse risks and develop a job draft based on the requirements of the position. Our established networks soon advertise the position in the most appropriate way to get the best responses. We go forward with video conferencing and other standard procedures to shortlist candidates.”

“At all levels, we work in tandem with the HR department of the partner firm. Psychometric testing and case studies assist us to assess the exact mental compatibility of the candidate for the given position. Our esteemed list of clientele includes Coca Cola, Cognizant Technologies, and Premier Foods among other major names in the industry.” The assurances from the company spokesperson were more than sufficient to validate its claims of being a major facilitator of internal audit career in the UK. Visit us today at http://www.iac-recruit.com/

About Internal Audit Connections
Internal Audit Connections is a premium UK service offering auditing and hiring services to companies seeking the best people for maintaining its financial records in full details.


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