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Ian Andrews Fraudster Expert Gets Tough on Crime


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2016 -- Not everyone has heard the names of undercover detectives and for good reason—they are undercover. However, there is one who isn't afraid to show his face and let his name be known to the evil forces he fights. Expert buster of online fraud goes by the name of "Ian Andrews fraudster" and his fight is against the frauds and scams hundreds of thousands of people are victims of every day.

"I couldn't rest knowing there was evil online ruining the lives of countless people. Someone had to do something, so why not me?" said Andrews in an interview last week. "There are ways to stop it, and thankfully we know their game with the technology available to us today."

Ian Andrews fraudster has been doing everything in his power to inform the public and alert as many people as he can on how to protect yourself online and how to be aware of suspicious activity. Online crime has been dropping lower thanks to the highly appreciated efforts of Mr. Andrews and according to him, this is just the beginning to what we will see in the new year of 2016.

"When 2016 is probably midway, from June through August, I can promise you'll see less scams, less fraudsters and a more aware public to the fact that they are at risk of being attacked every time they use the internet," said Andrews. "This is because taking simple action against these threats is working! If we do nothing, nothing will change."

About Ian Andrews fraudster
Crime buster Ian Andrews fraudster has certainly served the online community by starting several blog pages and writing books with another rumored to be a work in progress. Andrews has said that the blogs have shown impressive results when informing the public about fraudster activity, scams and shining the spotlight on them all to keep readers secure with tips and tricks and aware.

When asked why use blogging as a method to inform people, Andrews smiled and replied, "In school, writing was my best skill and what better way to use a skill than to help others? Blogging is what gets the job done, so what better way to reach countless people when countless people are being victims?"