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Ian Leaf Announces Release of Comprehensive and Insightful Review of Investors Underground


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2016 -- The founder of "The Fraud Watcher," Ian Leaf has announced the release of a comprehensive review and analysis of Investors Underground, a day trading community devoted to providing strategic investment planning, educational opportunities and professional support. Leaf, known for his work in exposing fraud, joined the community with the specific purpose of evaluating the practices of Investors Underground and providing consumers with an unbiased opinion delivered through a thoughtful and comprehensive review.

Leaf, a successful investor before beginning his Investors Underground review, remained hesitant to share his investment advice with others despite the positive results he consistently achieved. Citing a slight lack of self-confidence in the strategies he had used in generating investment success, Leaf joined the community hoping to develop a better understanding of why his approach had been successful while also learning about any additional strategies that may be available to ensure future investment success.

"In many ways, I approached this review with a dual-purpose in mind," said Leaf. "First and foremost, I wanted to provide an objective review of the day trading community for consumers interested in subscribing to Investors Underground, but I also recognized the possible benefit inherent in the opportunity to improve my own investment strategies. I ultimately discovered that the community proved to be as advertised and the strategic advice I received during my time as a member was incredibly helpful in yielding consistent results in day trading."

While Leaf noted that he was unsure of whether there was any possible benefit to utilizing the educational courses offered by Investors Underground due to his own previous experience as an investor, he nonetheless reviewed the course offerings for the sole benefit of the consumers who would read his review when evaluating the decision to join the day trading community. In the review now available on, Leaf provides the kind of detailed analysis that allows consumers to make an informed decision based on nothing but accurate and unbiased insight stemming from a thorough investigation.

About Ian Leaf
The founder of "The Fraud Watcher," Ian Leaf is an expert consumer advocate who routinely exposes deceptive activity and evaluates claims made by businesses to ensure honesty and accuracy. Leaf's insights are regularly published on his website,, with a specific focus on detailed consumer product and service reviews along with advice for avoiding fraud in all of its forms.