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Ian Somerhalder's Non-Profit Organization Visits Catskill Animal Sanctuary and Lends a Helping Hand

Youth Volunteers Come Together with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to Visit Rescued Animals and Provide a Day of Summer Clean-Up


Saugerties, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2017 -- The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) organized a Youth Volunteer Day visit to Catskill Animal Sanctuary in Saugerties, New York. Members of the ISF Youth Team, along with local children and their families, not only learned what goes into taking care of rescued farm animals, but also showed their appreciation by lending a hand to clean up areas within the sanctuary.

Upon arriving at the 123-acre refuge, the group of volunteers were greeted by Founder and Executive Director, Kathy Stevens. She explained how the sanctuary came into existence and why it is important for animals to live a life free of suffering and exploitation. The group then took a tour of the sanctuary, led by Education Coordinator Kaden Maguire, who introduced the group to many of the rescued farm animals the facility cares for. These furry and feathered friends included Tucker the cow, Violet the goat, and a chicken named RJ. Along the way, youth learned interesting facts about each species. For instance, chickens have a vocabulary of over three-hundred words and communicate with each other by forming a series of sentences.

During their visit, youth had the opportunity to brainstorm with ISF Youth Director, Jules Trace, on ways they can use their passions to come together and positively impact our environment. "It's important to help animals in need because sometimes animals can't survive on their own," explains ISF Youth Volunteer, Logan. "This is why organizations like Catskill Animal Sanctuary and ISF are important. They're drawing attention to animals who can't speak for themselves."

The volunteers concluded their visit at the refuge by doing what they do best—giving back! Together, they cleared away brush within the sanctuary and painted fences, chicken coops and a barn that needed sprucing up for the geese. When asked about the Youth Volunteer Day, Kathy Stevens said, "Anyone who wonders about the future should meet the kids of ISF. They opened their hearts to the animals and jumped right in helping care for their home. If these kids are the future, then we're in good hands." ISF sends a special thanks and appreciation to Catskill Animal Sanctuary for making this Youth Day possible.

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation Youth Team informs and encourages the rising generations to take action, inspire hope and create change for our planet with various programs and services for kids. The ISF Youth Team is predominantly composed of kids and teens who participate in a 1 year volunteer program with ISF by creating and enacting multiple campaigns, projects and Youth Volunteer Days.

ISF Youth Volunteer Days are impactful and uniting one day events where kids and teens join ISF, collaborating organizations and hosting facilities in a hands-on volunteer day to help the planet. The purpose of the ISF Youth Days Program is to support like minded initiatives while cultivating passion driven collaboration and facilitating unique personal growth experiences for youth.

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About ISF
The Ian Somerhalder Foundation, founded by actor, environmentalist and animal advocate Ian Somerhalder, is dedicated to empowering, educating and collaborating with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures. ISF focuses on raising awareness about environmental and animal protection issues, and supporting initiatives to promote green energy, global conservation and anti-animal cruelty programs, as well as empowering youth to become a united and spirited force for change.

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About Catskill Animal Sanctuary
Catskill Animal Sanctuary rescues farmed animals, ignites social change to end their exploitation, and champions vegan living. The Sanctuary is a 123-acre refuge in New York's Hudson Valley for eleven species of farmed animals rescued from cruelty, neglect, and abandonment. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, over 4,000 animals have been rescued since 2001. Between 250 and 350 residents call the Sanctuary home at any given time.

To learn more about Catskill visit www.casanctuary.org.