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Ibits Marketing Launches Its First Bluetooth Selfie Stick on Amazon


Woodlawn, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2016 -- Ibits Marketing, one of the leading consumer related technology providers on Amazon has announced a new addition to its line of successful products, the Bluebits Bluetooth selfie stick at an amazing sale price of $15.99. Bluebits brand is always linked with sophisticated and modern high quality products and its Bluetooth selfie stick is receiving very good reviews from customers. Ibits Marketing which sells the Bluebits Bluetooth Selfie Stick is expecting a great response for this product.

The company stresses the fact that they have manufactured the Bluebits Selfie Stick with the highest quality material. The Selfie Stick has a built-in Bluetooth shutter which allows for easy setup allowing pairing easily with most of the smart phones in the market.  The special 270° adjustable head allows the selfie stick to adjust the position according to the specific picture being taken. With no assembly required, the new Bluebits Bluetooth Selfie Stick works with iPhone and Android Phones or any Smart phone with Bluetooth feature.  The selfie stick for iphone is the perfect ready-to-go accessory.

The company's spokesperson, said "We are thrilled to be able to introduce our first selfie stick, the Bluebits Bluetooth Selfie Stick, just in time for Spring. Everyone needs a selfie stick these days, and the Bluebits Bluetooth Selfie Stick is easy for everyone in the family."

Bluebits products are developed with utmost care and using the most advanced technology and high quality materials. This Bluetooth Selfie Stick is not only rich in quality but they is also modern and can cater to all age groups.

To learn more about Bluebits products, one may visit their website at

About Ibits Marketing
Ibits Marketing specializes in consumer electronics and accessories, and offers high quality products to their customers. Their products include Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, USB chargers, Selfie Sticks etc. All the Products are innovative and come to the market after thorough quality control. Ibits marketing is operating in USA currently with plans to expand into other markets shortly.

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