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iBOSS, Inc. Encourages Business Owners to Lead in Local Development

Announcing Training Program for Small Businesses Starting November 2015


Laurel, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2015 -- Often times, startup and early stage companies go out of business because of the non-availability of seed capital. Facing the narrow focus from banks and investors in this early stage capital space can be challenging when many founders lack the tools necessary to properly engage. Thus, iBOSS, Inc., led by CEO Lorette Farris and her team of highly successful professionals work directly with entrepreneurs to empower companies and businesses with the knowledge and training to raise capital for their needs. Today, iBOSSinc announces that they will host powerful training events for small businesses starting in November to position them for leadership in local development.

"Lorette Farris, President of iBOSS Inc. is an excellent speaker to present at your local chamber of commerce or business association. The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. benefited greatly from her knowledge of how to find capital in the new capital market and her knowledge of regulations regarding raising investment capital was well received by all those in attendance at our monthly business forum." – Phil Andrews, President at Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce (LIAACC)

The training will include the following events:

BOLLD! How New Crowdfunding Provisions Will Make Investing Time, Resources & Capital in Startups Profitable – Learn how to leverage Title III Crowdfunding Provisions of the JOBS Act to become effective unaccredited investors. The 92% of unaccredited investors can now invest in "the next Facebook" startup.

Virtual Pitch Training Program – Learn to Pitch Like a Pro.

Virtual Capital Formation Plan Training – Learn to develop a sound capital campaign to finance your business vision. From Crowdfunding, to Private Placement thru Direct Public Offering - know how to seek the right capital at the right stages of build-out.

"Raising capital can be a full-time job and a time-drain for startups and early-stage company founders that really need to focus on building the business. At iBOSSinc we have created a process to help our clients build a database of potential investors to engage with. Thereby saving tremendous time by limiting their chasing unlikely investment candidates and fostering healthy relationships with more likely investors for both short and long-term capital needs." – Lorette Farris, CEO of iBOSS, Inc.

As more startups successfully obtain seed capital they create a better outcome for success and potential longevity leading to the production of more job opportunities. More specifically, as women and minority owned businesses are better equipped to navigate this early stage capital seeding, their businesses' capacity increase exponentially to better serve the employment and resource needs in their local or underserved communities.

To learn more about the training and events, visit:

About Lorette Farris
Ms. Farris is the host of Resources Unplugged on public access cable Channel 10 in Fairfax, VA, showcasing small businesses and growth oriented resources for their benefit. She's the creator of The iBOSS Pitch Perfect Show, a video program for startup and early stage company founders to pitch their businesses to audiences of capital, customers and collaborators as they compete for valuable prizes. She's a former co-host of Smart Business, a radio talk show for and about business owners and the issues they face. She has appeared in several respected publications and has been honored on numerous occasions for her diligence and dedication to assisting entrepreneurs and emerging companies. She has generously applied her expertise as a guest speaker, panelist, and workshop/seminar trainer on numerous occasions.

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