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Ibox Packaging Ltd. Showcases Custom Packaging, Shipping Boxes and Displays

Small to large companies can get the perfect boxes to ship their items or displays for their store by obtaining a quote from iboxPackaging.com.


Delta, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2015 -- Recent studies have shown 64% of consumers will purchase a product off the shelf without any prior knowledge of it. On average, the package and the display have about seven seconds to impress the person and convince them to make the purchase.

ibox Packaging Ltd. is one company helping businesses of every size obtain the proper packages and displays for their items. The business owner can order anywhere from one to 10,00 or more boxes along with the proper display options to showcase the products and the right shipping supplies.

Jordan, the spokesperson for ibox Packaging Ltd., stated, "We are an industry leader in packaging and offer an array of custom or precut packaging and display options for out customers. We can handle orders as small as one box or as large as 10,000 boxes."

Business owners will want to work with box manufacturers to create the right boxes to display products. The business can order custom boxes to fit the design of their products or purchase stock die cut boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes. A business owner can also purchase stock die cut boxes, tote boxes, and protective packaging. The right packaging can protect the item, help a customer decide to purchase the item, and boost brand recognition.

Shipping the products is often another concern businesses have. If the business operates an online store or offers to ship items for their customers, the business owner will want to purchase the right shipping boxes and supplies to ensure the product arrives at its destination safely. ibox Packaging offers stock mailer boxes and a variety of shipping supplies to ensure the business has the supplies needed to protect any product during shipping.

To showcase the product in the store, the business will want to look into the right retail displays for their needs. Pop displays can be purchased and set up in a matter of minutes once they arrive. Counter displays can help display featured items near the register to take advantage of last minute decisions and help sell smaller products. Customized floor and counter displays can also be purchased to ensure there's a proper display for every item.

"We offer everything a business will need to package, display and ship their products," stated Jordan. "We can even work with the business to create customized solutions for all of their needs." A business owner can contact the company to speak with a packaging or retail display expert to obtain the help they need finding the right solution for them or to work on creating a customized solution to meet their specific needs.

About ibox Packaging Ltd.
Since 1976, ibox packaging has been an industry leader, providing all the retail and packaging solutions their clients need. The company offers packaging to fit jumbo-sized products as well as small products and can work with standard or customized packaging. ibox Packaging also offers shipping and packing supplies as well as floor and counter displays. The company is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and offers experience and award-winning design capabilities.