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iCarbot Product Launch Attracted Ten Thousand People from New York


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2016 -- The iCarbot product launch conference of the F-wheel company was held on July 18th. This launch is obviously successful because over 10 thousand people from New York came to support the release of this product. In the last few months, the iCarbot stands out to be the latest fashion in the short trip commuting tool field. In the product launch, F-wheel won many new fans in USA and its sales amount was boosted a lot after this conference.

iCarbot is an electric scooter that can easily take people on hills with a speed of 12 km/h at a 15 degree angle. It requires two hours to charge and it provides 15 to 20 km mileage, which depends on people's weight and the condition of the road. It can easily handle 120 kg. What makes it popular is its cool appearance and affordable price to most people. Its extremely welcomed by youngsters who are bored of walking and looking for something new to try. It's different than gadgets like hoverboards. According to a survey, 564 users in New York City said, iCarbot's excellent user experience has outraced hoverboards and they won't ride on hoverboards anymore.

"The young generation love this new tool because of its cool appearance, fast speed and affordability. Manufactured with high density light plastic materials and applied with the most advanced somatosensory technology, it is easy to use on any type of common streets and its compatible size makes it even able to be stored in users' backpacks." Said Stephen Wilson, a graduate from Harvard University who's an iCarbot fan.

At the product launch, the CEO of F-wheel company demonstrated how the iCarbot works. He rode a long distance to show it to the audience. iCarbot, also regarded as the four-wheel scooter, walkcar, walking robot is one of the most creative machinery designed by the German engineer hired by F-wheel company. It has a standing board supported by four wheels which makes it easy to move and flexible. Observing from the stage show, iCarbot is technically a perfect city short trip tool. When he rode on it, iCarbot carried the person freely and smoothly.

The PPT at the product launch showed that when the rider stood on it, the rider felt like they were walking on their own feet. The interesting feature is that it is faster than walking and will provide the rider with a relaxing speed than running. It is the safe and steady people mover on the streets, as it will provide the rider with an efficient speed of 12 km/h while without any safety problems and hazard. The audience saw a mother on an iCarbot pushing a one-year old baby in the stroller went by across the stage. It was also an implication where the iCarbot could be used.

"What makes it an eligible commuting scooter is the electronic human body sensor on the main board that balances the iCarbot rider automatically. This weight sensing technology has helped the F-wheel company to gain a tough competition to its competitors. F-wheel is the first company that has manufactured this four wheel self balancing commuting machine and F-wheel is proud of what it has launched. " Said proudly the CEO of F-wheel company.

New product like iCarbot can bring people convenience. According to the narrate of the manager of F-wheel, this innovation is changing the lives of people in the following ways. This is an eco-friendly vehicle in new energy source. And it's flexible, forwarding directions of the device can be changed just by tilting the body. What's more, it provides the rider with a fashionable way of traveling. Now the rider do not have to wait for the taxi or bus to reach the destination anymore.

The most interesting application is by a mother in New York,"I loves shopping and go to mall everyday, however, I found it's tiring to me after I gave birth to my little baby." Said, Christina. "What to my surprise is my husband gave me the iCarbot as my birthday present. Now I can ride on the iCarbot to go shopping everyday with my baby in the stroller. And I have to say it's really enjoyable." Obviously, a good product solves the main problem of its customer in a proper way.

iCarbot product launch was a landmark of F-wheel company indicating a great leap of this company in the intelligent travel tool field. With the development of the iCarbot, the way people walk will show a different style. The merits of this product make it become popular all over the world in a short time after the self balancing boards and it keeps improving the way people move especially in developed countries like UK, France, Spain and USA. F-wheel company denoted they would create more useful tools in the near future at the end of the iCarbot launch conferece.

About F-wheel
F-WHEEL Self-balancing Electric Unicycle & Scooter Company is a Sino-German joint venture corporation founded in 2012 in Germany. It is a high-tech company that operates on product manufacturing, researching and development, as well as sales and marketing activities. F-WHEEL is on a mission to realize intelligent green travel industry and boost the improvement of human transportation situation. F-WHEEL dedicates to researching and developing the intelligent self-balancing electric unicycle, owning a large quantity of patents. F-WHEEL has founded three researches operation base before its foundation. In high-tech city (Shenzhen) it has also founded R&D and production base. Meanwhile,(Shenzhen Counterbalance Technology Co.,Ltd), as a subsidiary of F-wheel, has invested a large part of money in building the top workshop, expanding and developing the R &D team. In international city (HongKong), this trading company (Counterbalance Technology (HK) Co., Ltd) operates international trading business at the same time.