iCare4u App Crowdfunding Project Launched on Indiegogo

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for the iCare4u app. iCare4u is the first technology that assists those who are ill with getting support for their practical daily needs from friends and family.


Melbourne, AU -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2013 -- With a $5,800 goal Alexandra Stewart, Founder of iCare4u has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo to support her newly designed app. The iCare4 u app bridges the gap between those who are ill and the friends and family who wish to support them. The first technology of its kind to assists with getting an ill loved one’s very practical daily needs met the iCare4u app is the perfect way to schedule resources, care and attention in a fast paced society. Herself a cancer survivor, Stewart said of the iCare4u app, “I found during my own illness that most people didn't know what to do to help. This coupled with the fact that most people don't know how to ask for help gave birth to the iCare4u app. Our app addresses all of these issues and more.”

The iCare4u app is a technology based support solution for those requiring help with daily tasks when they are ill. Possibly its most engaging quality is that it removes the fear and embarrassment of asking for help from friends face to face. The app allows the user to select from categories like household, garden, children, pets and shopping. These categories lead to specific areas of need like lawn mowing, watering, pruning and weeding and garbage bins for example under the garden category. One need only check the task they need help with to alert their supporters of a concern. When friends and family members login they can see the need via a created task list. A user can even assign times and dates to the needs in a comprehensive calendar within the app. Supporters can then assign their names to the tasks they are able to accomplish and with that effort, the task is assigned to them in the calendar for all to see. The comprehensive app even allows supporters to create rosters amongst themselves for the ongoing tasks afoot.

Taking social networking to the simplest and most benevolent it has ever been, the iCare4u app will even allow the users to leave notes for each other. Specifically, the ill loved one can let supporters know if they are up to having visitors on any given day by using the “Visiting Me” area within the app. An easy approach to getting daily needs met, iCare4u allows ample note taking for the specifics of any need to be relayed in depth. This takes away the guesswork within the members of the support group and gives the ill loved one assurance that their need is expressed with the specifics required. By allowing friends and family members to coordinate tasks the app is a veritable resource and a loving extension of care.

iCare4u is based in Melbourne, Australia and was founded by Alexandra Stewart. The company’s flagship product is the iCare4u app which connects ill people with the friends and family members who want to support them. The app helps all involved rally to share and meet the daily practical needs of their ailing loved one.

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