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ICE Start and Stop System Market Global Industry Analysis and Forecast Till 2026

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2017 -- Increasing fuel consumption and carbon emission is one of the major threat for environmental imbalance. Therefore leading automobile vendors such as Bentley, BMW, Citro├źn, Ford, General Motors, and Hyundai and among others are integrating innovative solutions like ICE Start and Stop system in their vehicles. ICE Start and Stop system is primarily used for maintaining fuel efficiency of automobiles and it also helps to reduce carbon emission. Hence indirectly start and stop system helps the automobiles in being environment friendly. ICE start and stop system enables the engine to stop automatically when the vehicle is stationary, for example in a traffic light signal which saves fuel and also reduces pollution. Also, the mechanism used for starting the engine in a start and stop system is simple and efficient as compared to manual start. Hence ICE start and stop systems are technically sophisticated and highly effective solution for automobile manufacturers.

One of the recent developments observed in ICE start and stop system market is that earlier this technology was available only in premium model cars, whereas now the start and stop system is available in economic (modest) level cars. This has helped in expanding the customer base of this technology as more people are being aware of ICE start and stop systems. In addition to this, many automotive manufacturers are replacing lead acid batteries with capacitors which enables quick and almost unnoticeable engine restart that extends the life of engine components and encourages drivers not to deactivate the start and stop system.

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ICE Start and Stop System Market: Drivers and Challenges

One of the key drivers for the growth of ICE Start and Stop System market is the growing demand of start and stop system in light vehicles. Several automotive manufacturers are looking out for options to reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicles as an approach to be an environment friendly organization. Also, governments across various countries have imposed strict rules on the fuel efficiency of the vehicle which is acting like a catalyst to the growth of the ICE Start and Stop System market. Automotive manufacturers have also introduced this technology into bikes which is gradually proving to be another driving force of ICE Start and Stop system market.

Though the ICE Start and Stop system is a lucrative market, the ongoing financial crisis in Europe can pose a challenge to the implementation of this technology in automobiles.

ICE Start and Stop System Market: Segmentation

Segmentation on the basis of technology:

Belt Driven Starter Generator: It minimizes engine start up time

Enhanced Starter: Offers multiple starts as compared to conventional starter

Direct Starter: Uses direct injection and combustion to instantly restart engine

Integrated Starter Generator: Combines conventional starter and generator into a single machine

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ICE Start and Stop System Market: Recent Contracts

Few of the recent contracts and deals in ICE Start and Stop System Market are listed below:

In October 2016, Johnson Controls expanded its production capacity of Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries for start and stop vehicles in China to support rise in market demand

In October 2016, Schaeffler AG opened new manufacturing plant in China and Thailand in order to increase its customer base in Asia-Pacific region and expand its product portfolio

In September 2016, Delphi Automotive LLP. Introduced 48-Volt mild hybrid technology which is built on existing 12-Volt start-stop technology to enable smart electrification of light commercial vehicles

In October 2015, Denso Corporation helped Toyota Motor Corporation in launching its updated hybrid Prius car by enhancing its power control unit, motor stator and radar sensor and vision sensor

In September 2015, Johnson Controls presented its 12-volt Lithium-ion battery for Advanced Start-Stop vehicles, at the IAA (International Auto Show) held in Frankfurt, Germany that can increase fuel efficiency by 8 percent

ICE Start and Stop System Market: Regional Overview

The ICE Start and Stop system market is currently dominated by North America region, owing to the technological advancements and pressure on manufacturers to meet strict fuel economy standards. Japan also has a significant contribution towards ICE Start and Stop system market due to the presence of multiple automobile manufacturers. Similarly Europe ICE Start and Stop system market is also picking up pace due to strict government regulations regarding pollution control. Asia-Pacific excluding Japan region is gradually making use of ICE Start and Stop system, especially China and India as many manufacturers have introduced this technology in bikes too.