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Ice Teez Cooling Shirt Offers Ideal Solution to Summer Heat During Outdoor Activities

Stay Cool At All Times with the Innovative Ice Teez Cooling Shirt


Norman, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2012 -- Heat and humidity in the summer not only is uncomfortable, but it's potentially dangerous, which is why having innovative and effective cooling solutions is so very important. The Ice Teez Cooling Shirt available from Cool Relief is a hassle-free, convenient and effective method to stay cool no matter what the summer sun is like.

The Ice Teez Cooling Shirt is specially designed to store a set of frozen inserts, offering instant cooling relief which lasts for 1-2hrs. With a special lightweight, comfortable material, the shirt can even be worn during rigorous activity.

This allows the individual to stay cool, prevent overheating and continue working hard - whether it's sustaining peak performance for athletic competition or completing that long day of outdoor work. Plus, when worn post-activity, the Ice Teez Cooling Shirt is an amazing tool for quick recovery.

This innovative cooling solution is a form-fitting compression garment. With a tight fit, it offers quicker core cooling, while the material itself ensures that cool is never too cold, but is just the right temperature to provide serious relief when it's needed the most.

Parents can rest easy sending their children or teenagers off to a day of camp, or off to a team practice. Employers can outfit their teams with Ice Teez, enabling them to spend less time recuperating, and more time on the job. Coaches can go the extra mile to ensure that nobody suffers a serious heat-related mishap on their watch.

The Ice Teez Cooling Shirt is available in sizes ranging from small to extra large, and when purchased comes with the complete Ice Teez Kit, which contains the shirt itself, two full sets of inserts, and a high density foam travel bag for storage and transportation.

With the Ice Teez Cooling Shirt, there's no need to be concerned about that brutal summer sun any longer.

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