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ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts Offering Online Martial Arts Training Courses at Great Prices

ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts, the renowned training center for self-defensive street fighting techniques, is offering online martial arts training courses at reasonable prices.


Newbury Park, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2014 -- ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts, the leading center of martial arts training for all those who are interested in learning the most effective combat techniques and principles, is offering online martial arts training courses at reasonable rates. The training courses offered by ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts have been developed over a period 25 years and taught by the expert instructors. The courses teach students the art of using body’s mechanical advantages to overpower an opponent of any size, strength and fighting ability. The trainers at the center call this as a science of street fighting that can help their students to better take control of an offensive situation.

A senior executive at the training center stated, “Not many people today find themselves safe when they are traveling alone on a street. There is always a question lurking in their mind that what will they do if somebody starts getting offensive while they are on a street with their friends or family. Obviously, a few simple moves won’t help them, but our complete training, which has been developed over a period of 25 years can give them an edge to overpower any opponent, regardless of his size or fighting caliber. We have already helped thousands of individuals to gain fighting confidence at our LA facility, and now we’re offering the same programs to those who cannot physically be present there.”

The training programs offered online by ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts include comprehensive video lessons that are taught by the center’s pioneers, downloadable training routines, personal online coaching which helps users monitor their performance and gain feedback and access to the center’s online discussion forums where the instructors and students meet to discuss their problems and find adequate solutions. Additionally, students can also train with a friend by using the Partner Coaching feature.

“Although there are many who believe that they stand a good chance in the event of a surprise street fight, the fact is that there is no worse way to enter a fight without having a complete knowledge on how to overcome the opponent. Our program teaches a variety of skills and answers some simple questions as why blocking is never a good idea in a street-fight. Moreover, in just a little time our clients will be able to develop the fighting skills that will help them protect themselves and their family or friends if they’re involved in any such offensive event”, further added the senior executive.

ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts teaches students how to develop the destructive low-line kicks that can fold their opponents into half and learn how to trap and dominate in a close-range fight. All these skills make the trainees master the art of street fighting which can come in handy at any given moment on the unsafe streets of today. The company’s official website carries all the information for those with questions like how to teach yourself martial arts how to teach yourself martial arts and defend themselves in a street fight.

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ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts is a widely renowned training center for all those who want to master the art of self-defensive street fighting to better protect themselves in the unsafe world of today. The company offers Jeet Kune Do training onlineJeet Kune Do training online courses to those who cannot be physically present in their LA facility.

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