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ICE Virus and Homeland Security Virus Erased Through Chat

Yoo Security is now here to assist anyone who is who needs help in getting viruses out of the computer


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- It is reported that there are over 24 million all over the globe that complains about the different kind of computer viruses that damages their files, documents, reports, and even photos and videos. At times it gets worse as it damages not just the software but also the hardware. This damages most of the time is so hard to fix that one ends up buying a new one.

A Microsoft certified company that gives round the clock customer service for anyone who has trouble with a computer virus. Yoo Security is now here to serve. Yoo Security offers both chat support through live chat and technical support over the phone. The company gives quality technical services that would ease up computer users’ burdens with regard to computer viruses.

Some of the new viruses nowadays are ICE virus and Homeland Security Virus. ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus Scam is a kind of virus that suddenly locks one computer and asked some amount such as $400.0 to have it unlocked. This is definitely a spam since it locks the computer without any reason.

With Yoo Security, one will be guided as to what is the easy and fast way of getting rid of ICE virus wherein, there is no need to make unnecessary payments. For one who has computers that is affected with ICE virus. This kind of virus is spreading as fast as snap in the United States.

Another malware that is causing a cross forehead for computer users is the Fake Homeland Security Virus. This is a kind of spam uses authority like police or FBI that gives reminder to all computer users to be careful with any malicious scams.This malware scams people into paying a certain amount of money to unlock the computer. This virus is also using a Moneypack code for payment.

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Yoo Security wants everyone to be vigilant to avoid these kinds of viruses that are now spreading all over the world. The company is already known for the quality service it gives to its customers at a very affordable cost. Yoo Security has chat support and phone line to cater all the needs of the customers.

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