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iCLEBO USA Introduces Camera Vision Mapping to Robotic Vacuums


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- iCLEBO USA (Intelligent Cleaning Robot) recently introduced a true work of art to the United States. Ironically enough it goes by the name of Arte and this robot will revolutionize the way you clean!

As of 2013 robot vacuums make up 15% of all vacuum cleaner sales. It is predicted that by 2020 all households in the United States will own a robotic vacuum. The question is which will you own?

iCLEBO has engineered the industry-first revolutionary “Camera Vision Mapping” technology which provides consumers with five different useful operational modes. iCLEBO is the only robotic cleaner that is smart enough to literally generate a map of your home or office. It continuously captures photos of the ceilings, walls and floor space in order to meticulously map and clean every inch of your home or office.

Harry Rhim the president of iCLEBO USA says “iCLEBO is the highest rated, best performing robotic vacuum cleaner in the world. What makes it so special is it can actually see. We have given the robot eyesight by implementing camera vision mapping. Imagine having someone other than yourself vacuum your carpets everyday for FREE effectively and effortlessly without ever missing a spot.”

Other products clean erratically and miss areas that should have been cleaned. iCLEBO fulfills its actual function by cleaning and covering as much floor space as possible. The iCLEBO is equipped with triple CPUs that work in sync to generate dynamic control, unparalleled vision and superior power management. This advanced technology allows precision in analyzing space using the combination of its state-of-the-art navigation algorithm and vision mapping via camera recognition.

The iCLEBO is armed with more than 20 detection sensors, enabling confident cleaning with firm control. The sensors detect the ambient environment 200 times per second, while the advanced navigation algorithm goes through a 10,800 times per second in-depth analysis. Its detailed camera vision mapping system described earlier, assures maximum space coverage and superior cleaning efficiency.

The iCLEBO is also the slimmest, lightest and most efficient robotic cleaner on the market today! The iCLEBO is safe, reliable and effective. So effective that it was awarded the highest ratings among its competitors in performance cleaning at The IEC Sand (International Test Dust Sand). The performance results for iCLEBO nearly doubled that of its competitor brands. Where others cut costs, iCLEBO goes the extra mile using Lithium Ion batteries which last years instead of months, this also allows iCLEBO to win the award for the shortest charging time and longest running time out of all robot vacuums!

Nick Crane the VP says, “We have all heard the old adage that you get what you pay for. iCLEBO is a quality product, that is made in Korea and falls into the mid range of robot vacuum pricing. The difference is you will have the iCLEBO for years to come with minimal upkeep. The product will do what it is intended to do and that is clean every inch of your home. iCLEBO can also pay for itself relatively quickly, when you put a dollar amount on your time or hiring a cleaning service.”

The Arte has a MSRP of $495 and is nearly half the cost of the LG and Samsung robotic vacuums which MSRP for $800-$1200. Both Samsung and LG are comparable to the iCLEBO and offer camera vision mapping. Camera vision mapping brings robot vacuums to a league of their own, when compared to other robot vacuums using old laser technology.”

The superior manufacturing of the iCLEBO results in a great product. iCLEBO is proudly engineered and designed by one of the most sophisticated robotic manufacturers in the world; Yujin Robot. Yujin Robot has more than 25 years in the robotic technology business and is consistently creating dynamic products for residential, commercial and military use.

iCLEBO can be purchased at Major online retailers such as Sears, K-Mart, Home Depot, Walmart, Costco, Target, Best Buy and nationwide at Fry's Electronics retail stores. New stores are added daily, check out our for full list of retailers.

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