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iComputer Repair Denver Announces Increased Services for Firms Preparing for the Worse

Business data security breaches are both very common and very costly. Learn how iComputer Repair Denver's managed IT services can help companies avoid them at http://www.icomputerrepairdenver.com/


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2015 -- In this digital era, business security breaches have become commonplace. According to the 2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report published by CyberEdge Group, seventy percent of organizations reported having been affected by a successful cyberattack in the twelve months prior to the data being collected. Unfortunately, business data breaches can be costly in many ways. It is not uncommon for larger businesses to spend millions of dollars recovering from a security breach, with some spending upwards of two hundred dollars per stolen record to combat the negative effects of a hacking incident. In addition, companies both large and small experience significant downtime and lose trust with their customer base after a security breach.

In order to help companies and their customers avoid paying the costs associated with data loss, iComputer Repair Denver is now offering its affordable managed IT services to local business owners. Within the context of a customized managed solution, iComputer Repair Denver helps companies come up with a viable business continuity plan to protect them against security issues and help them get back up and running quickly should they ever face one.

Jay McGuire, a member of the team at iComputer Repair Denver, stated, "It seems as if there is a new report of a major corporation dealing with a security breach on the news every day. If large corporations with dedicated IT staff are having this problem, then certainly small and medium businesses are at risk as well."

McGuire goes on to say, "iComputer Repair Denver works with businesses to create a customized plan for Managed IT Services in Denver. These services include something called a business continuity plan (BCP), which evaluates current security practices, helps to update and implement security technology, and monitors potential threats. We also help businesses understand what needs to be done immediately following a data breach in order to prevent revenue loss and other serious issues."

McGuire explains, "What business owners truly need goes far beyond a simple disaster recovery plan or a phone number to call for IT Support in Denver after an incident occurs. iComputer Repair Denver offers business owners the opportunity to take advantage of a full suite of services ensuring their technological infrastructure is right for their business operations."

The firm evaluates current hardware and software, makes recommendations for upgrades and purchases, provides proactive maintenance, and offers constant monitoring, all in a way that keeps costs down and their bottom line intact, states Mcguire.

"The managed IT services we offer at iComputer Repair Denver are vital for business owners. We provide them with the help they need to prevent security breaches and ensure that they have everything they need to run their businesses effectively. We strive to give business owners more than just IT Consulting. We want them to have peace of mind about their systems so that they can refocus their energy on what truly matters, which is growing and expanding their companies."

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