Iconosites Launches New Website Maker Tool for Professional Businesses


Aliso Viejo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2013 -- Now a website can be built in just a matter of few minutes without any credit cards, contracts and commitments. One can create business websites on their own by using IconoSites.

IconoSites is a tool designed for creating websites within no span of time. A person does not need to be an expert in technical matters to use this tool. It is totally free, and there is nothing to download or install for using it. All there is to be done is:

1. Choose a design
2. Add your content
3. Launch your site

This is it! It’s simple and classic, and it will help the users to build a website that will make it look like a million-dollar brand.

IconoSites facilitates its clients in many ways: First, it’s completely free. Second, the user needs not to be an expert designer. It provides a wide variety of designs of a person’s own choice in a single click. Third, web-developing skills are not needed as IconoSites provides a platform where pages can be added, content can be edited, pages can be rearranged, and designs can be changed as well. Fourth, there is no need for a user to sign a contract, making it an extremely simple website builder.

Iconosites is an award-winning free website builder tool that offers stunning designs. For bright businesses, there are tailor-made designs that will definitely leave the impression on the visitor and that will help in making tons of sales.

For exceptional design quality, extraordinary ideas, easy to use methods, and overall layout, IconoSites has been recognized as the recommended website builder of 2012. The animated images, beautiful backgrounds, file and task manager, and much more with full powerful functionality make IconoSites stand out amongst the rest. With no ads, no build-up fees, no credit card requirement, one can easily access IconoSites website builder.

“We are attracting and retaining more customers than ever since we chose to start a website with IconoSites. If you are thinking about signing up, don’t hesitate. This website maker is easy, the quality is outstanding and the services are fantastic,” vice president of Breathing Color, Adam Hill said.

“I gained a new level of credibility, authority, and new business with my clients after creating a website with the IconoSites website creator tool. It provides best quality graphics, reputation, and great designs,” said Michael Gilbert, owner of Gilbert studios.

Due to stunning designs and easy to use website builder’s tool, members of IconoSites rate the services provided to them a 9.5 out of 10.

About IconSites
IconoSites is a free website builder tool that lets you create a professional website in minutes.

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