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ICT Investment Trends (Indonesia, Argentina Ireland): Enterprise ICT Spending Patterns Through to the End of 2016

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2015 -- ICT Investment Trends in Argentina:

Argentina is one of the fastest developing countries in Latin America and is strategically located close the US which provides it with further growth opportunities. Argentinian enterprises are aggressively investing in advanced ICT services to complement and accelerate the economic growth which the country is enjoying. Enterprises in Argentina are expected to continue investing in evolving technologies such as cloud computing, mobility, communications and collaboration, and virtualization over the coming years to speed up geographic expansion and streamline their operations whilst reducing cost.

Key Findings
- According to Kable's survey of X Argentinian enterprises, ICT investment in Argentina is expected to experience significant growth, primarily driven by the increasing investment among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in various ICT domains

- The growing need among Argentinian enterprises to reduce the cost of ownership of software resources and improve the flexibility and scalability of enterprise applications is driving the demand for SaaS. As a result, SaaS is gathering the highest attention, with enterprises allocating X% of their average cloud computing budget to this area in 2014

- Kable's survey reveals that, in order to reduce and control operating costs and improve focus on their core activities, Argentinian enterprises are increasingly outsourcing their service support and help desk function

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ICT investment trends in Ireland

Irish enterprises are prioritizing investment in various ICT domains in 2015 to achieve sustainable economic growth and competitiveness. Additionally, foreign direct investment (FDI) in various ICT investment programs and the announcement of various e-government initiatives, creation of new job opportunities, and technology transfer and stimulation of competition and innovation are propelling growth in the region's ICT industry

Key Findings
- Kable's survey shows that conservative Irish enterprises are investing a high proportion of their ICT budgets in the core ICT domains of software and hardware in 2015, followed by IT services

- In order to take precautions against thefts and security breaches, Irish enterprises are moving their data onto the private cloud

- Pricing remains the most important criterion when choosing an ICT provider

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ICT investment trends in Indonesia:

Enterprise ICT expenditure is anticipated to follow an upward trend, as Indonesian enterprises perceive IT investments as enhancing their business operations and are using ICT as a driver for innovation. While customary resourceful ICT solutions, such as digital audio/video, networking, voice, and data, have become the norm among Indonesian enterprises, more recent technologies such as mobility and business intelligence (BI) are also witnessing increased adoption

Key Findings
- Kable's survey shows that Indonesian enterprises are planning to increase their investments in hardware, services, and communications by X%, compared to 2015, which is an increase of X% of respondents, compared to 2014

- Indonesian enterprises are investing in data centers to manage their ever increasing data and have an intermittent network connection

- Indonesian enterprises are most inclined to outsource their applications function

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