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Icy Roads to Salty Waters: Stay Away from Rock Salt

Rock salt is poisonous


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- A massive winter storm is more than just inconvenience, a huge pile up of snow and ice can present major dangers. Traveling on the roads when there is snow and ice covering the asphalt presents an enormous amount of problems that are frequently addressed by the massive pouring of rock salt on the roads. Rock salt, however, creates its own problems. Once the ice and snow melt, the roads end up with a liquid rock salt river that ends up causing major troubles. For this reason, it is advisable not to throw rock salt out in front of the house to clear off the steps and sidewalk. Doing so can lead to some harsh regrets.

- Rock salt has the potential to seriously damage concrete. Major cracks and fissures in the concrete sidewalk are going to start to appear. The cost of repairing a sidewalk and driveway can cost thousands of dollars. Even worse, the cracks in the sidewalk can create the potential for slip and fall accidents. Needless to say, the possibility of these accidents can create major liabilities for a homeowner.

- Rock salt can also cause damage to a car. The salt can have a very corrosive effect on the finish of a vehicle. That salty river that was once the road in front of your house can really ruin a vehicle. Corrosion underneath the car can manifest and remain out of sight until inspection time comes. By then, the level of corrosion might be so severe the costs of fixing the damage reach the proverbial stratosphere.

- Plants, flowers, trees, and other vegetation can be destroyed by the presence of rock salt. The environment does need a lot of water in order to survive. Salt water is not going to be very beneficial. In fact, it might kill off a lot of plants and other green growths on your property. Even a small amount of rock salt in melting ice and snow can have a very negative effect. A great deal of rock salt continual added to the presence of melting ice and snow is going to have a dire effect.

- Rock salt can be poisonous to pets. A dog or a cat might get sick seemingly out of the blue. Owners might not ever be able to figure out what is wrong. A trip to the vet quickly reveals the serious nature of the animal's condition and, sadly, the condition may reach the point where curing the pet is impossible.

- Children too can be placed at a poison risk from rock salt. Take this as yet another reason not to play a part to add to it on a property.

What can be done to deal with ice and snow when it falls? Instead of using rock salt, make the switch to SafePaw, a pet, human, and environmentally friendly substitute that can melt ice and snow easily and do so without presenting major risks.

SafePaw simply is the way better option.

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