Gary Newiberg

ID Badge Printer Launches to Provide Consumer Guide to ID Badge Printers with Side by Side Comparison


Bronx, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- In the twenty first century, identification is a fact of life for everything from events to entering office buildings. Even simple services like Blockbuster required a membership card, and these cards require printing. ID Badge printers are available in all shapes and sizes, and can create simple one sided photo IDs or even biometric scanning double sided and laminated photo ID badges. Which is right fit for a business is largely determined according to need, and a new site, ID Badge Printers, helps shed light on the specifics of models from top ID card printer brands to make it easier than ever to decide which printer to choose.

The site takes the form of a blog which regularly updates with insights into a new manufacturer or printer model. The site features a new printer every week, this week the Magicard Pronto ID Card printer range is reviewed, with a detailed breakdown of its key advantages and a further list of key features so that readers can quickly get a handle on the unique selling points of the model. The site also provides advice on shopping for ID card printers once individuals have made their choice.

A spokesperson for ID badge printer explained, “The competition among ID Badge printer manufacturers is more fierce than people might anticipate, and this competition can lead to great deals for consumers and business users. Each manufacturer tends to specialize in a particular kind of photocard ID printing that may be better suited to the specific needs of a business than others, or completely unsuitable. Our website provides enough insight so that individuals can see what manufacturers provide in their printer ranges and can then find advice on where to buy that printer at the best price. It has all the information a buyer could need.”

About ID Badge Printer
ID Badge Printer is an online presence designed to provide information on all the major ID badge printers released by top manufacturers and help individuals and businesses decide upon which would best suit their needs. The site includes information on Evolis Primacy, Fargo, Zebra and Nisca ID card printers, with recommendations on trusted brands, capabilities and where to find the cheapest dealers. For more information, please visit: