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ID Creator App Now Allows Individuals and Companies to Create Bio Cards in New Version

ID Creator developed an in-browser app to help people create ID cars quickly and easily, and now offer earth friendly bio ID cards for those that want to be friendly toward the environment.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2014 -- ID cards are necessary in an increasingly varied number of environments as security has been put at a premium in a post nine-eleven world. As a result the demand for ID cards is at an all time high, amid everyone from small businesses to community organizations and childcare facilities. Most people don’t know how to manufacture ID cards to a high standard however, which is where ID Creator comes in. With an online app 30 months in development they have enabled organizations of all scales to create easily affordable ID cards, and have now launched an earth friendly bio degradable option instead of the traditional plastic.

The badge maker means ID cards can include text and images, as well as barcodes and QI codes that can be quickly scanned for instant identification linking the ID card to the company’s existing security system to match the details of the person holding the card with those on file.

The ID cards have a wide variety of designs which can include custom uploads or adaptations of templates created by ID Creator, including cards for churches, companies, kindergartens and more. Individuals can select profile or landscape, the color of the background and whether to use holographic film to help prevent counterfeiting.

A spokesperson for ID Creator explained, “To get the bio ID option, users simply select the Earth Friendly Bio Card during the design process to secure biodegradable non toxic ID Cards that work just as well as their plastic equivalents and come with all the same options and accessories, while at the same time being safer and friendlier for the environment. With no difference is price, there really is no reason not to help save the planet while getting ID cards printed.”

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