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ID Theft Promo Code Offers Special Offers on Identity Protection Following Heartbleed Chaos

ID Theft Promo Code has redoubled their efforts to bring people great offers after the heartbleed virus has caused widespread privacy and identity panic.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2014 -- Heartbleed is a security bug in the very fabric of the internet which has caused widespread alarm for both the public and mainstream media, as the self-perpetuating virus can mine for user data through a huge range of supposedly secure websites, representing the biggest single threat to privacy, security and identity theft yet. As a result, more people than ever are looking for ID Theft Protection, and there are no shortage of companies there to meet this new demand. ID Theft Promo Code is a website that has kicked into high gear after news of the bug became widespread, offering discounted deals on these security products.

The site offers discounts on LifeLock, Identity Force, Trusted ID and Identity Guard products, the four biggest providers of identity theft security. The companies offer a variety of services, and can monitor bank accounts and personal information, public records monitoring and 24/7 alerts and action centers to aggressively protect people’s identities.

The coupons available from the website offer everything from a full-feature free trial so people can get a taste of the protection offered to special preferential rates on annual subscriptions and percentages off single-payment systems. All coupon codes are tested to ensure they are only displayed when live, and are regularly updated.

A spokesperson for ID Theft Promo Code explained, “We have seen a huge spike in traffic with news of heartbleed gaining momentum. The identity theft market is huge right now, because it provides a means by which for criminals to make fast gains remotely. That’s why it takes expert teams and professional services like these to keep people protected. These premium services do come at a premium however, and we want to make them as affordable as possible for the maximum number of people to ensure that everyone who needs protection can get affordable access to it. Those interested in the latest bargains can check our website for the latest identity theft promotions.”

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