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ID4Meds IndieGogo Campaign Launched for System That Would Resolve Major Medical ID MISTAKES at Point of Care


New Braunfels, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- The medical and healthcare industry is one of the most important industries of all time and due to its important for each member of a society, it also has a lot of challenges which will continue to grow as the population of people who are dependent of this system grows. To counter one of the costly challenges the healthcare system faces currently, an innovative patient point-of-care identification product that hopes to resolve a myriad of medical issues named ID4 meds is been developed and marketed. To successfully complete the system and introduce it to the market the firm behind the ID4Meds has launched an Indiegogo Campaign to raise $ 24,999 USD within the next 30 days.

According to the pitch for the project, more than 85,000 medical lawsuits are brought against hospitals and physician's each year and $ 1.8 million, $7.6 million in two different circumstances were awarded to plaintiffs. These were damages hospitals had to pay plaintiffs as a result of malpractice cases whose verdicts hinged directly on the documentation or lack thereof in electronic medical records. This has become a serious concern for not only the healthcare providers but also insurance companies who are frantically looking for ways to improve the situation.

The ID4Meds Spokesperson explained:

"Our resident patient point-of-care identification tests virtually assure no staff or patient errors. It allows true identification of our resident patient based on fingerprint biometrics. ID4MEDS patient point-of-care identification product now resolves myriad of medical issues. With a little funding this can be a reality and the tools can be available when your friends or your family needs them most."

The alarming rate at which medical errors in America is resulting in the loss of lives has triggered the development of systems that help minimize these dire errors, many developers are working on innovative concepts among which systems like Point-of-Care Identification Product. By using the ID4Meds system upon positive identification, direct input to the resident patient is made and appropriate documents for the resident patient are automatically generated. The Spokesperson explained that the identification also prompts a picture of the resident and their resident patient number which appears on the computer terminal. Meds are then authenticated, recorded and administered. This process ensures the most accurate matching possible and eliminates most all of the risk off human error at any point in the process. This would be a system that doctors and nurses will be able to use with ease.

Making this potentially live saving system a reality requires $ 24,999 USD, the developers have asked people to contribute generously and also spread the work for more information please visit:

ID4MEDS is a patient point-of-care identification product designed especially for the healthcare system.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ID4MEDS.COM