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Idea Stack Slashes Prices on Super Fast Dedicated Servers with Unique Cluster System

Idea Stack use a unique cluster system to ensure amazing speed and zero downtime on their servers, which also enables them to cut prices to end users.


Maharashtra, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- For businesses that want to operate on the next level, a dedicated server is essential. Shared servers are no place to host sensitive customer data and high profile companies have been stung by doing so. The problem is that although dedicated servers offer a more seamless user experience and better security, they come at a cost that can for some businesses be prohibitive. Fortunately for these businesses, Idea Stack has devised a unique way of clustering individual server units to create a hosting cluster that allows them to provide an amazing service at a newly reduced price.

Idea Stack uses an array of servers combined to offer fluid and flexible storage and data processing, meaning that if any one server in the cluster goes down, the others seamlessly pick up the slack to provide one hundred percent uptime and fantastic speeds.

The servers are also replete with top notch security including truly random encryption algorithms to ensure all data stored is iron-clad protected. The amazing thing is that the cluster system actually cuts costs, and businesses can buy dedicated server space for less than seventy dollars.

A spokesperson for Idea Stack explained, “When people look for a cheap dedicated server they are not anticipating finding a good dedicated server for that price. We are not a cheap hosting provider, we are a great value hosting provider, and our servers in Chicago, Seattle and Mumbai ensure we have worldwide coverage to maintain high speeds. What’s more, we offer a much wider array of services including VPS and email hosting, web hosting for individuals, businesses and resellers, as well as cloud storage and computing and domain name registration. All our services are powered by our unique system, which offers the very best in value and quality.”

About Idea Stack
Idea Stack Solutions Private Limited specializes in Web Hosting. They have over five years leading the field within the web hosting industry and have developed their own unique fault tolerant white label system for clustering servers, called Optimized Hosting. All sites hosted within a cluster have amazing performance and zero downtime, because all information fluidly transfers to another server if one experiences a fault. For more information please visit: