Ideal Feet Raising Eyebrows in the Medical Community for Their Scientific Approach to Relieving Foot Pain


Tulsa, OK -- (SBWIRE) --05/16/2011 -- Responding to the increased demand for effective remedies for chronic foot pain, Ideal Feet in Tulsa Oklahoma is offering their “Ideal Feet arch supports” that users are calling: “The most effective foot pain solution outside of surgery.”

Ideal feet, which got its start in 2001, is known in the industry for their scientific approach to foot comfort. Their products are designed to help all 26 bones and 4 arches in each foot find their ideal position which the creators say: “provide comfort and support to the entire body from the ground up.”

According to a recent study by the American Podiatric Medical Association, 85% of the population suffers from problems associated with their feet. This problem is compounded by American’s apathy towards foot care, with a reported majority considering their feet as the least important part of their health and well-being. Problems such as heel spurs, flat feet, metatarsalgia, hammer toes, and Plantar Fasciitis are now more common than ever, and Americans are searching for solutions that don’t involve painful injections or costly surgeries.

Answering this need, Ideal Feet offers scientifically designed arch supports which are said to remedy the common causes of back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and other problems associated with prolonged standing and improper foot support.

So far, Ideal Feet arch supports have been receiving rave reviews from the community. More than just making day to day life more comfortable for their clients they are said to actual remedy physical ailments that have been plaguing some clients for years. Richard, from Norman, Ok, comments: “I’ve lived with knee pain for many years and it has always restricted my activity. Now that I’ve found Ideal Feet, I’ve been able to be a better grandpa to my grandkids. These products have been the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

This sentiment seems to be shared in the community. Ideal Feet orthotics complaints are few and far between and the company is establishing a reputation as being one of the most medically advanced and forward thinking foot specialists in the United States. According to the owners: “When the foot is in its ideal position it can function the way it was designed to; efficiently and pain free.”

For those who have used Ideal Feet orthotics complaints of foot pain are a thing of the past. To learn more about ideal feet, or to find the Tulsa location nearest you, please visit: