Identity Theft Lawyers, How to Choose the Best One

Identity theft affects over 9 million people each year. The reason for that is that stealing someone’s personal information is relatively easy. would like people to know that identity theft lawyers are available to sue on behalf of their clients to receive compensation for their suffering.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- Here are some of the basics of identity theft recovery:

- Ways to Sue for ID Theft
- Who to Sue
- What can be Recovered
- Role of an ID Attorney

Parameters Regarding Who to Sue

It is nearly impossible to catch the identity thief. These are sneaky people who attack insidiously and disappear. However, with the help of an identity theft lawyer, it is possible to file for negligence, which is failure to use a reasonable amount of care, as other people would, in a given situation. One can also file suit based on fraudulent misrepresentation. This means that someone lied or misrepresented the facts about someone or something to further their own gain, which is exactly what an identity thief does.

Filing Suit on Others

Several other businesses can be held responsible for identity theft. Identity theft lawyers can file suit against banks due to their relationship with the victim and their familiarity with him. Employers can also be held accountable for this crime, as they may have enabled a thief to access an employee’s information by not keeping it secure. Some governmental agencies can also be taken to task for allowing an ID thief to compromise the agency’s security measures, thereby getting hold of a person’s data.

Types of Compensation

A suit filed against a person, financial institution, or public agency is a civil suit. An identity theft lawyer can press for financial compensation, instinctive relief (the use of judicial influence to handle a problem), and restitution. He may also go after emotional damage recompense and punitive damages. However the case is presented, a client can benefit greatly from filing a lawsuit to manage the harm to his credit score and reputation.

An Identity Theft Attorney’s Role

The role of identity theft lawyers in a lawsuit is to clearly explain what is required to prove one’s case. They are also experienced in the workings of the court and can properly address a judge to define the parameters of a case. The more direct an attorney is, the better the chances for restitution. The clarity required to request exactly what an identity theft victim is requesting by way of compensation is also a very good reason to engage a lawyer.

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