Identity Theft Protection for Family - Guide to Safeguard Your Family and Recover a Stolen Identity


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- What’s Included
- How it Works
- Child ID Theft
- Protecting the Family for Free

Services Included in Family Plans
When an adult hears about someone’s identity being stolen, he may start thinking about obtaining identity theft protection for the family. He finds some companies that offer these plans and wants to know what’s included in them. Most plans offer credit monitoring for two adults and four children under age 18 and automatic fraud alerts, which encourage banks to verify a person’s identity prior to authorizing any new credit accounts. The plans also offer lost wallet protection, which means one-stop canceling and re-issuing of debit and credit cards.

Family ID Protection Plan Methods
The services available to both adults in the family include 24/7 monitoring of credit reports, detection spyware for the family computer, and locking and unlocking of credit files. When a credit file is locked, lenders cannot access one’s credit files. These plans will also share some information with approved lenders to indicate creditworthiness. Overall, an identity theft protection family plan appears to be a good idea.

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Child Identity Theft Protection
A family identity theft protection plan obviously includes looking after the children’s identities. Toward this end, an educational packet is given to parents to teach them important facts about child ID theft, such as who perpetrates this crime, what they do with the information, and how to protect the kids. It also goes over what to do if or when a child is affected by ID theft, which is very helpful information for parents to have.

Going it Alone
An individual can provide an identity theft protection plan for the family without hiring a business to do it. Talk to family members about keeping personal information safe. Tell kids not to give it out on a social networking site. No one in the family should ever share their Social Security numbers with anyone, not even good friends. Lock all SS cards in a floor safe and never carry them on one’s person. Using common sense goes a long way toward making it hard for ID thieves to steal a person’s information, and it’s free.

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